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    Not Another Compilation re-release

    was on sickness for a long time while working on this back in the day, re mastered and re released it. Danielsainez
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    The Dissonant (instrumental album)

    26 tracks, 30 minutes. Orchestra vs trap drums shit. Check me out The Dissonant by Daniel Sainez on Apple Music The Dissonant by Daniel Sainez on Spotify
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    The Jack Artist Vinyl?

    anyone know if it ever got a vinyl press?
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    No bammer weed sample?

    Anybody know what sample that is?
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    Quinn, mess, guce, killa keise, cellski, black c, j Davinci, bailey, big rich & 4-Tay

    Quinn, mess, guce, killa keise, cellski, black c, j Davinci, bailey, big rich & 4-Tay "San Francisco" Unreleased remix I put together a lil after keise passed
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    Unreleased compilation i put together a while ago.. peep peep it out, a lot of old shit i never got to putting out. features the outlawz, fab, turf talk, quinn, dogg pound, and a bunch of the bay artists. got the san francisco remix on there with quinn, mess, guce, keise, cellski, black c, j davinci, bailey, big rich...
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    Galaxy atoms aka lil Quinn new video!

    Galaxy Atoms [Lil Quinn] - Bay City [Official Video] - YouTube Check him out!
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    Bailey - "Boom" (New Music/ Video)

    oV5p4e9Rrt4 New song were pushing, sampled some classic 40 for the hook. Somebody that can embed or tell me how would be appreciated!
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    OK, So who from the bay is....

    fuckin with Kendrick Lamar lyrically? BESIDES LOCK!?
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    Fully Loaded - SFC (video)

    Peep some new shit from fully loaded (bailey, big rich & don toriano, in case your a millennium baby)! SFC - FULLY LOADED (Niner Anthem) - YouTube if somebody could embed the video it'd be appreciated!
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    Quinn's music during sons of anarchy

    During a shoot out scene, they play a Lil bit of a Quinn song. Peep it out tnight!
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    Lazy Halloween costume?

    Any ideas? I ain't tryna dress up, but there's a costume only rule.. Who better to ask then the open forum..
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    J Davinci - XLIX (Free EP)

    XLIX | SWTBRDS (Sweetbreds) Quality tracks on this one! Enjoy
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    Some nice hip hop shit from Hellbent (video) quick lil video we put together yesterday, peep it out
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    San Francisco extended remix is comin! Some of y'all might or might of not heard this, but anyway the remix is all recorded just getting it mixed. Features Quinn, bailey, mess, big rich, cellski, killa keise, guce, J Davinci, and rappin 4tay! Just bump the og for now.. Somewhat a...
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    Alotta threads bruh.. Good music, but couldn't have it all been in one thread?
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    This girl is rippin shit! props to whoever posted that 1st shit she did.. shes killin half the game right now. lyrically and delivery wise
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    Message from San Quinn

    On where he's been, workin on, and what's coming up. Would one of you amigos please embed it?
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    J Davinci "Ben" music video off the day the turf stood still J Davinci "Ben" produced by me, this shit fire.. if anybody know how to embed it in the thread please do.
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    look @ california, f.a.b., crooked ripped this shit in half