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  1. NoJive

    Bay Area Females vs Everybody

    Anybody else see that shit on worldstar? The beat was hard they can alright...
  2. NoJive

    Your 3 favorite things about the Bay Area

    Fine girls of every race, people of all walks of life can vibe together, you have everything from the ghetto to the richest of the rich areas.... we have Napa next to Vallejo.... East Oakland next to Alameda etc...
  3. NoJive

    Are they killing off the East Co Co forum?

    They took all the threads down... damn Shadow A Wax and B Dawg were supposed to bring it back by now why they take so long to drop something?
  4. NoJive

    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    The hook was kinda cool how they did the voice. Rap and beat weren't my favorite
  5. NoJive

    Boskoe 100

    Can somebody explain to me why this guy is always popping up on YouTube putting his 2 cents in on every Bay n Sac rapper like he's somebody? I googled him n it just said he's famous for getting beat up. He's not even a rapper just a bum? Why he that famous then? Haha
  6. NoJive

    Old school 90's Chicano pride flea market T-Shirts

    Y'all remember the flea market t-shirts that would have a cross or smile now cry later in front and a mural on the backs? I use to have hella those shirts do they still make those or is there a place to get the old school ones still? I just want to have a few to bust out and blow people's minds...
  7. NoJive

    Arsenal Empire

    Anybody following them it's got B Dawg and Shadow in the group and 2 dudes from Sac and T Loc plus a chubby girl on the hooks. I'm not feeling the Sac dudes... T Loc cool he just sound kinda paisa. B Dawg has the same rap every time.
  8. NoJive

    Big Tone a barber now? Lol

    I drove down A Street yesterday seen Big Tones barber shop shit looked cool I didn't know that fool cut hair lol... what happened to his clothing store
  9. NoJive

    It's funny how I know somebody got good dope

    I swear the crack heads in Oakland been super turnt up this week I see hella dope deals going down every time I go to lunch. Somebody got some good dope out because it's super cracked out / hopped out downtown. Gotta watch your back hella bad right now. They fucking took over hella corners...
  10. NoJive

    Dirt Nasty

    I was listening to Too Shorts podcast today he had that dude from those "scary movie" type comedies. They played some of him and shorts music dude kinda dope even tho its comedy and he's from the Bay Area surprised he never gets mentioned here
  11. NoJive

    The Team, She's so popular

    Can somebody post this for me I can't find it
  12. NoJive

    The Bay or Sac - Rap

    You have to choose one
  13. NoJive

    Rep Woodie in your RIP songs movement

    All the black bay artist get rep't in the RIP songs like they forgot about the brown nortes and east co co... Woodie worked with Jack... next time the bay hitters do a bay song they need to include us too! You always leave us out
  14. NoJive

    Best 80's non rap music - help

    Please post your favorite 80's music in this thread. I was too young to remember all these tight ass songs or groups cuz I was a kid. The style was like billy ocean or micheal Jackson but there were a million one hit wonders so post the ones you know so I can make a compilation.... I know every...
  15. NoJive

    How much is worth

    Just curious how much money running a site like this generates each month from adds and the shop. Can you live off this shit?
  16. NoJive


    Post a song if you can
  17. NoJive

    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    No I get it but it's about to be 2017 plenty of black men have made it out the hood and most these police shootings are because cops have this hood image of black people I say change the image we can fix a big chunk of the problem. Black people aren't getting gunned down by cops in the UK like...
  18. NoJive

    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    I agree with you 110% but what's right isn't reality now is it? The reality if give out the perception that your dope dealer, pimp, cholo, biker, methed out white trash, or thug in general the police are going to fuck with you. Police have meetings before every shift the bosses telling them be...
  19. NoJive

    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    How many "people" of any race including black people are in work clothes just on the way to they're job getting shot by cops? How many black dudes in suites getting shot? How many black woman getting shot in contrast to young black men? I'm telling you it's about 90 percent perception when cops...
  20. NoJive

    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    I'm Mexican cops profile Mexicans all the time but it's not pushed by the media because most the time the Mexicans being profiled are being profiled because they have the image of a gangster and or doing something illegal. A lot of these black dudes getting shot by cops are fucking up too so not...