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  1. savage

    2015 NFL Off-Season thread

    Note: These lists are not intended to be complete, but they include all key free agents in the league. Quarterbacks Jason Campbell, Cincinnati Bengals Jimmy Clausen, Chicago Bears Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers Blaine Gabbert, San Francisco 49ers Matt Hasselbeck, Indianapolis Colts Shaun...
  2. savage

    9/4/2014 Packers @ Seahawks Gameday Thread

    5 Matchups To Watch: Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers: As defending Super Bowl champions, the Seahawks host the NFL’s regular-season opener on Thursday night at CenturyLink Field and they’ll do it against a familiar opponent – the Green Bay Packers. A look at the Seahawks’ Week 1 game against the...
  3. savage

    2014 Fantasy Football

    My draft is next week. I'm in a keeper league, and I don't know who to keep. Marshawn Lynch or AJ Green. Le'Veon Bell was my other option, but I think I'll hold off on that one for now. Or I can start fresh by not keeping anyone. We'll see. Either way, I can't wait til my draft day. I got the...
  4. savage

    Countdown to kickoff

    Kam Chancellor more days until kickoff! Looking forward to this season
  5. savage

    10 Potential Candidates To Buy The L.A. Clippers

    Commissioner Adam Silver dropped the hammer on Donald Sterling Tuesday by banning the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner for life from the NBA after his racist remarks were leaked to the public. The unprecedented punishment also includes a $2.5 million fine and the promise to force a sale of the...
  6. savage

    2Pac - All Eyez On Me

    His name and album title are black on the discs on my copy. Which version is this one? I got it off eBay about a month ago. The album cover doesn't have the digitally remaster on it. Just Death Row Records and Interscope Records on the back. Has the black fold out case and not the clear one...
  7. savage

    BBQ season

    BBQ season is here. I want steaks and burgers all season long What are your favorite ways to grill up steaks and burgers? What's the best way to marinade steak? I like to use Montreal steak seasoning on mine. I try not to use bbq sauce on my steaks, but I do use bbq sauce on my burgers sometimes.
  8. savage

    albums wanted

    tru - true master p - ice cream man og silk the shocker - the shocker
  9. savage

    Trading in my car

    I'm thinking about trading my car in for a truck. But I still owe $18,000+ on it. I've had this car for one and a half years and it started out at $24,000. I've never traded in any of my past vehicles before, so I don't know anything about trading in vehicles. What all steps need to be taken...
  10. savage


  11. savage


    I can't tell, but is the back insert fucked? Or did they cut enough to where it didn't touch the back insert?
  12. savage


    What yall do for your woman on her birthday My woman's bday is around the corner, just trying to get some cool ideas on what to do for her lol
  13. savage

    We da CHAMPS!

    Fuck yeah!
  14. savage

    Countdown to David Stern's retirement!

    Feb. 1, 2014 is the date Countdown to Feb 1, 2014 in Seattle
  15. savage

    siccness is boring today

    today is already a boring day at work, and now it's boring on the siccness. 6:30 can't get here soon enough!
  16. savage

    The Official 49ers VS Seahawks Thread

    Let the game discussion and shit talking begin!
  17. savage

    Best offensive lineman of all time

  18. savage

    Jazz Vs. Spurs1st Round WC Playoffs

    Jazz Vs. Spurs 1st Round WC Playoffs The top seed San Antonio Spurs will meet up with the eight seed Utah Jazz in the first game of their series on Sunday night. Spurs’ big three is healthier than in the regular season and will be present in the entire playoffs. Last year, the Spurs fell...
  19. savage

    C-Murder - Life or Death

    How much does this usually go for? I just found a copy of it at Hastings the other day. Everything is in mint condition, black case, art work and disc. I got it for $9.49 + tax. As soon as I seen this on the self, I almost shit my pants lol One of the main reasons I still go to Hastings. Once...
  20. savage

    The Sonics are returning to the NBA!

    Seattle fans can get excited now, this arena deal looks solid This was a day to celebrate. As I see it, a new arena is going to get built in Sodo. New teams are coming to town. The Sonics are returning and the NHL is on the horizon. You could feel the optimism and the energy in the first-floor...