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  1. Mr. Nice Guy

    When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job

    Good read if you have a few minutes: When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can't really talk about it How Climate Scientists Feel About Climate Change Deniers - Jason Box Tweet Controversy
  2. Mr. Nice Guy

    Waves of Evolutionary Development

    I thought this was very interesting. Have any of you ever seen this before? Thoughts?
  3. Mr. Nice Guy

    Taqueria Vallarta - who's got it better than them?

    I was eating at Taqueria Vallarta last weekend and man those tacos were delicious! Taqueria Vallarta - Mission - San Francisco, CA | Yelp What are the best tacos in SF?
  4. Mr. Nice Guy

    When the baby is born, do you give Bill Clinton a cigar?

    Anyone else watch Joel McHale’s White House Correspondents’ speech? It was hilarious....I can't believe he got away with saying a lot of that stuff. idrrdgjETxY
  5. Mr. Nice Guy

    Infinite Growth

    It's crazy that we are aware of our impending demise....and yet do nothing about it. Great video. Simple and to the point. 8x98KFcMJeo
  6. Mr. Nice Guy

    5 Suprising Benefits to the Smog in China

    Bizarre China Report: Five Benefits Of A Smoggy China, Sewer Home And More Masked Models and the Benefits of a Smoggy China Northeast China was struck by the most severe smog attack this past week, sending air quality index in more than 40 cities above the 300 hazardous level and forcing...
  7. Mr. Nice Guy

    These Urinals Turn Pee Into Fertilizer For Local Food

    Peeing in public isn’t usually a government-sanctioned activity. But a few weeks ago, Dutch officials lined up some not-so-private urinals in an Amsterdam park and invited local men to come and, well, partake. It was all in the name of the environment: Instead of sending urine straight down...
  8. Mr. Nice Guy

    Going Down with the Ship

    The numbers in the bottom right corner. Scary.
  9. Mr. Nice Guy

    US Incarceration

    Saw this in The Economist and it got me thinking about it incarceration in the US. Daily chart: Locked up tight | The Economist List of countries by incarceration rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :: Amazing the amount of people in jail here, especially considering "our" perception...
  10. Mr. Nice Guy

    Revenge Porn

    How am I just hearing about this website after it got shut down?? There must be another site doing this right? mrtonguetwista you must know hahaha
  11. Mr. Nice Guy

    The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama

    I thought the underlined portion was particularly ironic....
  12. Mr. Nice Guy

    The World's Biggest Employers

  13. Mr. Nice Guy

    One Nation Under Sex

    Anyone else read this? It seems a bit presumptive it times, although it also appears to be pretty well cited. I haven't verified the sources listed, but they are at least noted throughout the text. Either way, interesting read, especially in later portion when it starts getting into the Kennedys.
  14. Mr. Nice Guy

    Steve Perlman's Wireless Fix

    Really interesting article about the newest technology from "Silicon Valley's Thomas Edison" The article mentions some of his other inventions which are all pretty interesting. Good read if you have 10 minutes. Steve Perlman's Wireless Fix Silicon Valley’s self-styled Thomas...
  15. Mr. Nice Guy

    The Long Con - Anatomy of a Two-Year Undercover Sting

    Really interesting read. This is from the Seattle Stranger and will definitely be interesting to any of my fellow Seattleites in here. I will post the link the because the article is quite long. Anatomy of a Two-Year Undercover Sting and What It Has to Do with the law enforcement’s Habit...
  16. Mr. Nice Guy

    Germany Set to Abandon Nuclear Power for Good
  17. Mr. Nice Guy

    End the War on Drugs

    Portugal's drug policy pays off; US eyes lessons LISBON, Portugal – These days, Casal Ventoso is an ordinary blue-collar community — mothers push baby strollers, men smoke outside cafes, buses chug up and down the cobbled main street. Ten years ago, the Lisbon neighborhood was a hellhole, a...
  18. Mr. Nice Guy


    I read this in an article from The Economist and thought it was pretty interesting; The article discusses some of the cultural implications of Nollywood but what really struck me was the fact I had no idea Nollywood was such a phenomenon (intrinsic...
  19. Mr. Nice Guy

    Americans' views of God shape attitudes on key issues

    Pretty interesting read and interesting how the views play can out in political debate and be influenced by socioeconomic status. Check out the link for some good graphical breakdowns. ::: If you pray to God, to whom &#8212...
  20. Mr. Nice Guy


    Pics or you got a Gravel Garden!