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  1. Walkin

    X Raided meeting parole board today

    According to Facebook X may be approved for parole today?
  2. Walkin

    Old Berner article

    Lol I remember this. Go siccness. Rip Jacka.
  3. Walkin

    RBL, Luniz, Richie Rich, Celly Cel and 4tay

    anyone in socal going to this show in OC tonight? RBL, Luniz, Richie Rich, Celly Cel and 4tay
  4. Walkin


    Lol wtf
  5. Walkin

    X's release just a matter of time?

    Judging by his Facebook posts X seems pretty confident of his eventual release. Hopefully it materializes. Can't wait to see what he can do in a real studio. Marshall McLuhan wrote that the medium is the message. I'm curious what his music will sound like in a different environment.
  6. Walkin

    BayVegas show

    Anyone going to that show in Vegas tonight? I'd be there but this week is one of the busier ones at my job. Jdiggs, Philthy Rich, Coolio, Ap9, Stalin, D lo and some others. Post pics if you go!
  7. Walkin

    10 Softest Rappers In The Game

    hahaaha if this gets moved to Open forum then so be it. Ghostface's 10 softest rappers:
  8. Walkin

    the refs tried helping Lebron again

    it didn't work thankfully. the nba is goin for kobe vs. lebron hard. a lot of magic tricks are gonna be executed that's for sure.
  9. Walkin

    someone with a Wiki account please fix this a couple paragraphs down "mac dre was a gay gangster rapper" and "he grew up in mexico"
  10. Walkin

    Finally -Keak songs consistently being played in la

    I heard that song about 4 times last night on 100.3 and it was always followed by "tell them how to go." So i finally hear him on the radio outside of northern cali. about time.
  11. Walkin

    another Compilation phase

    or is it Mixtapes? Whatever they call em these days. I'm worried the bay area is slowly gonna fall into the compilation pit again. Speak on it!
  12. Walkin

    I never realized how big(pause) Mac Dre was

    I always knew he was popular but god bless his soul-the" rip mac dre thread" has over 20,000 views! thats crazy when i first heard about what happened I didnt expect the mourning to exceed what we saw for Hitman r.i.p and Cougnut r.i.p. I guess i never really understood the magnitude.
  13. Walkin

    My Yuk UGAvol2 review what u think?
  14. Walkin

    santa ana, cali show

    i know i am a couple weeks late but...techs performance was off the cannibal meat rack. I had not been to a hip hop show in quite some time but daaam it was worth the wait. man is a ledgend.
  15. Walkin

    UGA june 2nd????

    IS that release date still valid?
  16. Walkin

    United Ghettos VOl 2???

    I was hella suprised to see this on dubcnn, released may 4? dam, was that a typo or what? anyways that should be tight
  17. Walkin

    100 RAP albums to dispose of

    this is from my boy , he asked me to post it on bart/sicness since he aint a member. I know there is some bay area relevence to this.... This is a tweak on an idea that frankly got the wheels turning. A few weeks ago, I read an article called "One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your...
  18. Walkin

    "This is how we eat" comp

    what do yall think? what i heard so far is fire and i am picky...
  19. Walkin


    Is that new yuk coming out tommorow? i think it was a couple weeks ago i saw a thread that said july 22nd. whats the dealy
  20. Walkin

    what album should i buy

    alright in hard times i cant be puttin down cash on garbage, so ill ask what of these three should i pick up...the new COS, the new SEFF the GaFFLA or that AUTHENTIC by one of the GAMBLaz. Let me know, I aint really down with guest spots thats why the COS and SEFF look appealing, i know...