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  1. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Monster Kody dead at 57

    I’m pretty sure I got the idea to read his book from these message boards. An iconic legendary figure now gone.
  2. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Spice-1 over 40, Dre, and Short.

    For the sake of argument How far fetched is it to say that Spice-1 is a higher caliber rapper than everyone’s top 3 rap legends E-40, Mac Dre and Too Short?
  3. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Rap songs I listened to in 2020

    In case you missed some. In case you still check for music. Put me on to your latest favoritest shit.
  4. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Ramirez Official Thread

  5. TrEmEnDo InDo

    remember Mike Posner?

    Back in the early 2000's did some hooks for rappers had some pop songs... Homeboy can rap. Has a mixtape DJ PREMIER Beat seems to help lol...
  6. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Cutty B. Spooky (sounds like the siccness)

    Definitely reminds me of the music that inspired this website.
  7. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Im no JEezy fan but this Thug Motivation 4...

    Harder than a bitch....
  8. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Reminiscing on the Siccmade Muzicc years.

    Especially Loaded, Planet Zero, and If These Walls Could Talk...had me thinking I was listening to some evolved type of rap music like nothing I'd ever heard before, like a sub-genre- Rap music Dark or some shit. Maybe I was just high as the fuck at the time. I don't listen to any of those...
  9. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Got endgame tix?

    Who’s gonna be in the house for avengers endgame this week?
  10. TrEmEnDo InDo

    After Troubled Mind...

    Did you ever listen to Dre-D again? It looks like he put out many albums after that, but damn that voice.
  11. TrEmEnDo InDo

    New Kevin Hart-Irresponsible ?

    ANybody like him? like his new special?
  12. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Top 5 Latinas

    The love list Jennifer Lopez Eva Mendez Sofia Vergara Gina Rodriguez Jessica Alba or The lust list Dascha Polanco Lauren Velez Tahiry Jose Vida Guerra Spicy J
  13. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Yelawolf Rapping again ....

    Sounds dope honestly
  14. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Tre-8 - Oak Park/Ask

    Tre-8 still around apparently
  15. TrEmEnDo InDo

    12 Gauge Shotie (XII TRILLYEN)

    Anybody still listen to 12 Gauge Shotie? ALways like his sound.
  16. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Grrr army vs. huuuglife

    Which one you rolling with? :ROFLMAO:
  17. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Harsh Times: Its not Training Day but....

    The movie's still pretty good. Same writer as Training Day.
  18. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Yoc Legacy - f'n with it?

  19. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Slap this

  20. TrEmEnDo InDo

    Volume 2 = Dom K's best so far

    Dope 2018 album.