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  1. Ghost Dance

    1mob #2 "intro" (video)

  2. Ghost Dance

    Lynch new single "I see dead rappers"

    smh not feelings this sounds like more of the same serial killer theme I was hoping he left behind him...not feeling lynch no more I'll check the album when it drops but i think he don't got it no more..and hasn't for awhile imo
  3. Ghost Dance

    lil dallas "flakz city"

    track they did for the lil bro...
  4. Ghost Dance

    l finguz snitchin?

    June posted some paper work on him...looks like finguz might have ratted back in the day...not good for the sac music scene.
  5. Ghost Dance

    Kendrick Lamar "DAMN."

    So nobody feeling this album? Shit a classic on one y'all sleeping?!
  6. Ghost Dance

    Uzzy Markus "walking target"

    Young 36st bro got gass...
  7. Ghost Dance

    Never forget lol (shy baller diss)

    Back when I was a fully active homeboy on the sicc...Running suckaz off line and shit lol
  8. Ghost Dance

    Mozzy interview

    Best mozzy interview I've seen. It's kind of long but still dope. Not corny or awkward like the dj vlad shit these dudes did a job on the interview and I gave him props they did a good ass job getting mozzy to open up and be able to act natural and.not.ask dumb ass questions like "how much dope...
  9. Ghost Dance

    J-Roq "RIP FLAKS"

    My bro j-rock put this track together for my lil bro that passed away last month... Hope y'all enjoy it...REST IN PEACE ROMAN!!!
  10. Ghost Dance


    @VERSACERO a need u to hook me up with one of ur to roast my Co worker on fb hook it up bro his face on caytlin body lmao
  11. Ghost Dance

    crazy worldstarhiphop videos

    Horribe: Terrorist Go On A Killing Spree, Shooting Random People With Their AK-47's! (*Warning* Graphic Footage) 70482 Video: Caught On Cam: Man Shoots Cab Driver In The Back Of His Head Then Robs Him (*Warning* Graphic Footage) 70457 Shits crazy brus...
  12. Ghost Dance

    tonite show w/mozzy

    Anybody get this yet? If so how is it?
  13. Ghost Dance

    Lavish d at it again...Dissin livewire

  14. Ghost Dance

    lavish d "smurkish" album

    Anybody got this yet??? Seen it for download but was wondering if they are selling hard hard copies...any info would be appreciated
  15. Ghost Dance

    Kings staying in sac...

    Kings staying in sac...fuck off seattle
  16. Ghost Dance

    Another school shooting

    Im tired of this cant go to fucking school with out some psycho off his meds(or on them)shooting up the place its been confirmed kids dead....kindergarteners 5 year old babies!!!! Shit makes me sick I hope there is a hell for piece of shit people like this...
  17. Ghost Dance

    Killer Mike-Reagan

    Wow...who seen this video??? I think this shits hella is creative and the track has meaning not just the same bullshit everybody else talkin about...and the song by itself sounds dope from the beat to the lyrics peep out if you havent dont know how to embed so heres the link...