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  1. Walkin

    X Raided meeting parole board today

    According to Facebook X may be approved for parole today?
  2. Walkin


    ] "Bop bop bop bop" "Taken out the mutherfucking game" Lol
  3. Walkin

    Old Berner article

    Lol I remember this. Go siccness. Rip Jacka.
  4. Walkin

    King Lavish D - 'Project Bitch' | Prod By L-Finguz

    [/YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] Much better
  5. Walkin

    Killa Tay retiring from rap? ?

    @REAL1 I was listening to the Jason Whitlock show this morning and he was arguing with Shaun King, the person who released the court paperwork about Manning and the athletic trainer, and at one point they were arguing about wether or not CBO and some other people got into a shoot out in...
  6. Walkin

    HUSALAH appreciation thread

    are you a groupie or just trying to troll? anyways i thought all the trolling was going to get moved to open forum and that we were going to keep bart about the music.
  7. Walkin


    this dude is banned but i feel the need to correct something that people might see as fact. the homicide rate in the u.s. is much higher than in england or GB in general. bad comparison.
  8. Walkin

    A-Wax Tried as an Adult!!!!# amazing! !!

    man that was kind of a jerkish thing to say not that wax needs my support, and you're 16 so i'm not going to threaten you or poke fun at your pic, but I am wondering what the heck is wrong with you?
  9. Walkin

    RBL, Luniz, Richie Rich, Celly Cel and 4tay

    anyone in socal going to this show in OC tonight? RBL, Luniz, Richie Rich, Celly Cel and 4tay
  10. Walkin


    Lol wtf
  11. Walkin

    X's release just a matter of time?

    Judging by his Facebook posts X seems pretty confident of his eventual release. Hopefully it materializes. Can't wait to see what he can do in a real studio. Marshall McLuhan wrote that the medium is the message. I'm curious what his music will sound like in a different environment.
  12. Walkin

    DB Tha General Thread

    Well...he was there because of a rap beef. To say it's out the question is kind of a reach. No rap beef = no shooting on seminary while making a video in response to the guy from sem who dissed you. At the very last there's a correlation
  13. Walkin

    DB Tha General Thread

    A lot of kids from the O were hyphy boys I really don't see the issue. D l o's early stuff is good too look up the song "shoot when you see me"
  14. Walkin

    DB Tha General Thread

    didn't dlo have fake funk with Fab back in the day, and fake took his chain because he keeps the k and does not play around? rick ross too lol. those videos were funny. i had no idea who dlo was at the time so i figured that fab shit was real.
  15. Walkin

    DB Tha General Thread

    Lol he talks like he raps
  16. Walkin

    Mistah Fab slapped Dj Mustard?

    If you got to say it then it's probably not true. #90sbabyfantasy
  17. Walkin

    DB Tha General Thread

    i'm still mad about Hen Sipper messing up the beginning of the Rick Flare when he says "got gas but not a fart." man they need to edit that line.
  18. Walkin

    Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue

    He also said he killed fat tone. I wouldn't trust what quinn was saying during his prime yoyo sniffin days