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  1. Jimmy Snuka

    Lil Flip is Chingo Bling??!!??!!??

    Does anyone know why Lil Flip looks like Chingo Bling in this video. I know Flip must know of Chingo, so why would he do that?
  2. Jimmy Snuka

    Which One is Better?!!??!!? Which mic pass do you think is honestly the best. I actually think the south got the bay in this one.
  3. Jimmy Snuka

    How many Bart Members would actually purchase norteno rap??

    How many of you support norteno rap? They claim to be worldwide, but I'm curious how many people in their own backyard actually support them?
  4. Jimmy Snuka

    Did MySpace Kill The Siccness????!!!???

    What do ya'll think. It used to crack around here. Now it's just not the same. Too many know it all's. Too many for my taste anyway. Their are certain cool aspects to being at the siccness but I think it's changed over the past year or so. Anyone else got anything to opinionate about? Does the...
  5. Jimmy Snuka

    How many Seattle cats get hyphy and go dumb?

    Any of ya'll?
  6. Jimmy Snuka

    Ya'll Seen This?

    Big Oso Loc has been challenged to a fist fight for $5,000!!!!!!
  7. Jimmy Snuka


    How many of you actually give back to the community? Do you do toy drives like San Jose's Playa Rae? Do you sponsor any youth teams like Uncle Luke? Let it be known if you do!! If you don't you should!!!