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    Favorite music app?

    There are so many music apps out there so what are you guys using when you're looking for music to listen to? Spotify is too overrated but I still consider it. I would like to know, maybe I'll try it if it's good.
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    Life's challenges

    Life is a journey and the challenges you face are obstacles that you have to overcome. They are what allow you to expand yourself, become more inclusive, and compassionate. Based on your experience, how challenges affect your personality?
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    The most awaited season!

    Summer is probably the most awaited season in any year especially for those living outside the tropics. Where in the summertime the weather is hot, you can reach right up and touch the sky. Everything magical happens when it’s summer. So, What excites you this summer?
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    What is your favorite?

    These days really bring stress especially to those dudes who worked really hard. I'm really mad at those companies who abandoned their workers without getting paid. Some are really depressed, some are stacking up those emotions, and this leads to anxiety. But somehow if we listen to a song like...
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    How do you feel today?

    Hello guys I am starting this thread just to say hello to all of you and want to know how is everyone feeling today despite our current situation. Are you feeling happy, sad, lonely, depressed, or angry? Let us know how each other's feelings here. Today, I am a little depressed but blessed...
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    What is your situation right now?

    My Hometown is currently undergoing a Lockdown and I am here at my house with nothing to do. I spent my quarantine days playing mobile games and doing some exercise daily. In my situation, There's no problem yet. Still not having any signs of the Virus Symptoms. How about you? What is your...
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    How did Coronavirus change your life?
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    Lakers Win

    Lakers one win from championship after holding off Heat in Game 4 of NBA Finals.