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    Jim Jones ft Mozzy " Banging"

    Daaaaaaaaaaamn PISqB6XdULc
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    Crazy Days And Nights

    Anyone read this blog? Its run by a Hollywood lawyer that is very well connected. It started off as a "story-time" of people he has encountered and dealt with though his lifetime, to basically a real time "whats going on behind the scenes in Hollywood" blog. This isnt gossip, this is shit we...
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    So we gonna talk about #QAnon or nah

    Surprised this hasnt been discussed yet.. This is a loose synopsis of what its all about, but didnt feel like putting too much up: Qanon: The Storm is Coming, The Great Awakening & Follow the White Rabbit - Skeptic Review Also, people believe that the OG Q has left and a new Q has come in and...
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    Netflix' Flint Town

    Who started watching this? Finished the first episode, and i really like it thus far.
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    Action Bronson - Chairmen's Intent (single)

    Still the best showman in the game.... K-S3DNXHSao
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    NFL Draft Day 2017 thread

    Here we go folks.. If Browns choose Mitch Trubisky....:dead:
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    HAD's long lost son (pup)???

    Instagram Dont know how many HAD worshippers are still here, but this is eerie....wonder if HAD knows about this one. He was kind of a demi-pimp and all..
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    So no one is going to make a thread on the Anaheim situation?

    Odd. Anyways Video Shows Anaheim Struggle Between Boy, 13, and Off-Duty LAPD Officer Who Fired Weapon; Officer on Administrative Leave | KTLA Let the debate begin...
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    Can someone explain to me......

    Why on EARTH, folks voted to put a 1%er in office, who is now assembling the richest cabinet in the history of histories? SO let me get this straight: people would rather have a bunch of corporate drones and billionaires running the country, than politicians? How is one better than the other? Im...
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    BOW DOWN!!!!!!!

    To Washington bitches!!!!!!
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    The Japanese do it again...Jurassic Park anyone??

    PadUxn3mxS4 942aK6yF3KM
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    Japan's "Babe Ruth"

    YKJ-tNtrUJk Here is the story... If you haven’t heard of professional Japanese baseball player Shohei Otani, don’t worry, he’ll be a household name soon enough. Touted as the next Babe Ruth, Otani is just as dominating at the plate as he is on the mound. This past season, the 22-year-old led...
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    meanwhile, in mother in Russia

    Teen Decapitates Guy Girlfriend Cheated on Him With, Presents Head to Cheating GF | Complex
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    Seattle Supersonics..... This comes after Chris Hansen basically told the Seattle city council to "fuck off, ill do it myself AND build your gay as Port of Seattle bridge. Bitches"...
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    FX show Atlanta

    Anyone? Donald Glover's new joint. Donald Glover and the Making of FX Hit ‘Atlanta’ - WSJ At first it seemed Donald was the outcast (no pun intended) of the show simply because of him not being as "black" as the rest of the characters. But, i actually like him as a balance to the...
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    Luke Cage trailer..

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    Why hillbillies shouldnt win the lottery

    Wow. After a $3 million lottery win, man decides to invest in meth
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    Police shoot autistic man's caretaker as he lies in street

    This is for Butcher Cops are cool though Police shoot autistic man's caretaker as he lies in street
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    Brandon Roy: NBA star to....HS bball coach?

    Just got hired as the coach of Nathan Hale....WTF Not only that, he is bringing on a pair of HS stars with him from Missouri (their dad took a position under Romar at UW). This is crazy huge news if are follow recruiting at all. Michael Porter Jr., Jontay Porter to play for new coach Brandon...
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    The NHL Thread

    I dont like hockey, but im having hard time figuring out why they have these teams in the middle of the frickin desert. NHL officially approves Las Vegas as 31st franchise