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    Uzzy Marcus brother killed 2 girls

    Damn didn't know they were underage.
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    Uzzy Marcus brother killed 2 girls

    Yall seen this? Dude must of been tweaking.
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    A-Wax - Dead Pool

    New album on the 8th i believe.
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    Covid-19 vaccine who is taking the jab? LOL

    I work at a hospital so yeah I'm taking it.
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    A-Wax - Pullin’ More Stringz album stream

    Dope album so far. That dead and gone track is 🔥
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    A Wax-Envisioned

    Thanks for the clarification. Can you tell what happened between them?
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    A Wax-Envisioned

    Damn this one deep. This perfect example why I like Wax music. He actually rapping about shit.
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    Seeing people come into the hospital with covid is no joke. They look like they dying. Seen one guy who had it die. They tried doing cpr for like 15 mins but it was to late. I clean about 5 covid positive rooms a day uo until this week it hasnt been so bad. But shit is brazy.
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    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    People in the comments saying OD. Smh
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    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    RIP Trife Gang Rich
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    Whats up with Joe Blow?

    For example look at 69. A straight rat but still gets play smh
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    A-Wax Say What You Say

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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Think thats trifes song. Wax is the feature.
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    Shut your bitch ass up pussy.
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    Scraps aint kick no one out of nothing gtfoh. The VMA homies still at it.. You from San Jo?
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    The fuck you mean you'd go back and hold down your hood. Did you not read what he said. They go back get arrested. The hood is still alive and well. Just cuz they ain't posted in the same apartments from 20+ yrs ago dont mean shit. Who really lives in the hood they banging now a days anyways...
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