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  1. shinobionskiz

    R.I.P Racked Up Ready

    Baton Rouge Underground Artist Young Ready or Racked Up Ready. Im just now hearing about this. Nobody is talking about it. R.I.P Bruh Baton Rouge Rapper Young Ready Killed in Shooting : Mstarz
  2. shinobionskiz


    What was Fat Tone like???? Did he ever come to the bay?? Would you say you had an influence on him musically?? To me dude was great at telling stories over beats.
  3. shinobionskiz

    Big Markee Baton Rouge Rapper

    Lately I been researching the Baton Rouge rap scene and I ran across some of this guys music. I know he did a song with Nussie. I wanted to know if he had any albums or any other songs. I been looking and his music is hard to find.
  4. shinobionskiz

    Blu Crush Portland Oregon Question

    I just ran across this dudes music does anybody know how many albums he has and where I can get his music???
  5. shinobionskiz

    The Outlaw Josie Wells Da Genius 2000

    Anybody got this??????
  6. shinobionskiz

    The AWOL Van

    Anybody got pics of the Awol Van. I remember buying a couple of cd's off of there. That van had some serious slap in it.
  7. shinobionskiz

    Scoob Nitty

    Is scoob nitty still rappin???????? its been a minute since I heard anything. Im still slappin that street credential album.
  8. shinobionskiz

    Deev Da Greed???

    Ay Deev Da Greed went hard on a lot of shit. Anybody know if he still fuckin with the rap music.
  9. shinobionskiz

    Pharoah from Street Military

    Anybody know whats up with Pharoah? I heard some of his old shit I can't find any new info on him.
  10. shinobionskiz


    I was listening to that get used 2 it Album and I wondered what happened to big homie. That 2 sav'd out album was hard too. Anybody know if he released any new shit lately???
  11. shinobionskiz

    In The D Documentary

    has anyone seen this ?????????????/ is it worth 19.99 plus shipping???????? I really wanna see it one time.
  12. shinobionskiz

    What Happened to swell L ?????????????

    I only heard one song from him but he was spittin hard. Does anybody know if he has any albums out? What is he up to?