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  1. Premo

    wwe in mexico city

    WWE LIVE in Mexico City -
  2. Premo

    HHH Thy Kingdom Come

    if anyone comes across a youtube stream or downlioad link for the documentary portion of this dvd set , please post that shit up in here . please and thank you
  3. Premo

    Los Matadores

    im with HHH on this shit. as long as they dont talk, real mexicans will never notice its 2 fuckin puerto ricans . the bull and the ole chant may be enough to get them over big time perhaps around wrestlemania the right crowd will come around and get that shit over like they did with Bryans yes...
  4. Premo

    4 Hour Deceased Wrestlers Tribute

    Wvzm0E1jglQ this is good shit :siccness:
  5. Premo

    The USOs

    i know they only gettin pushed cuz jimmy on total divas doin the reality tv thang u feel me but god damn, these fools are even more over now, than they were 2 weeks ago.. this shit is startin to catch fire right here. go watch their match with 3mb from main event this week. they were over like a...
  6. Premo

    Big E Langston

    is low key dat nigga
  7. Premo

    No ma'am :siccness:
  8. Premo

    The Sicc On Twitter

    im kinda out the loop again ? @PremeloAnthony talk to me i talk back
  9. Premo

    Taj He Spitz - Exhibition Games drops June 4

    lPCMUK5-eyA anticipation building for the lp, i know im not the only one hungry for it i wanna see lil homie win hes next up from the seven o, easy. I Got It | Taj-He-Spitz go listen to i got it on bandcamp until then
  10. Premo

    Killer Mike x El-P are Run The Jewels

    im fuckin wit it
  11. Premo


    blood pigs is my shit not sure on anything else they do was wondering if yall are fuckin wit it?
  12. Premo

    Droop-E Feat. Kendrick Lamar - Rossi Wine

    IM OUT CHEA! Kendrick Lamar makes everything better, he is the ranch dressing of rap music.. the cliche "a breath of fresh air" is often used to describe dopeness and this fool is like, an ice cold bong rip of OG cfypTOCF4bA i dont do love, i do drugs. i keep a supply of turn the world off...
  13. Premo

    LoveRance - Freak Of The Industry

    im fucking with Rance, theres some songs i cant fuck with on here but homie has enough of the kind of shit im tryna hear from him right now on it. the bulk of the production here is handled by League Of Starz [E40 - Function] [Tyga - Faded] and The Invasion [IamSU] [Wiz Khalifa - Bout Me] the...
  14. Premo

    SummerSlam 2012

    the card is stacked, anyone else hype for this? predictions? for the title match im fucking with Big Show
  15. Premo

    No Confidence

    *power walks out of thread*
  16. Premo

    NOC 2011

    anyone gonna stream links please
  17. Premo

    funny ass geico commercial

    <iframe width="420" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe LOL!
  18. Premo

    Who Will HHH Pedigree At SS?

    HHH as guest ref can only lead to a heel turn -Punk -Cena -Both of them -nobody , he calls it down the middle i tried to make this as a poll but apparently i suck at siccness
  19. Premo

    Chris Premo - Man Up my salute to growing up .. over the Days Of Old beat by Paris .. enjoy
  20. Premo

    Money In The Bank 2011

    i have The Miz for the 2nd year straight , Del Rio doesnt need it Mark Henry has to go over i have Wade Barret winning SD MITB Punk over Cena no Rock tonight