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  1. SFC I-Side

    Rank the top UFC fights of August

    Stacked month of fights... 1.Pettis v B-Hendo 2.TKZ V Aldo 3.Chael v Shogun 4.Browne v Reem 5.Davis v Machida
  2. SFC I-Side

    China 1 This Guy 0

    b0ZJL3i6vvQ A U.S. executive said on Monday that workers at his factory in Beijing have held him hostage for the past four days, demanding better severance pay. Chip Starnes, 42, is a co-owner of the Florida-based Specialty Medical Supplies, which has a plant in Beijing. He visited the...
  3. SFC I-Side

    Reporter clowns on Black Eyed Peas

  4. SFC I-Side

    FRONTLINE Doc exposing U of Phoenix

    This was a great doc about how businessmen are making for profit colleges into huge money earners for themselves at the expense of its students. Check it out for a few minutes if your interested keep watchin V-9Qy78TYMM
  5. SFC I-Side

    Footage of Megauploads Dot Com's Super Mansion being raided GOD DAMM LOOK AT THAT HOUSE!!!
  6. SFC I-Side

    I wanna change my name to SFC Lion

    Thank you
  7. SFC I-Side

    USA vs Tunisia 2 15 pm NBC Sports Channel

    WAR TUNISIA!!!! CH 81 on Bay Area Comcast for the local folk
  8. SFC I-Side

    Sports Center
  9. SFC I-Side

    Car Accident/Next Move

    Got a old school chevy, bought it for 2800, had it for 6 years, done all the upkeep, the damage done will cost (my estimate 2400, pull dents out, weld shit, sand, paint, put back together blabh blah,) lets say insurance pays me for half of that. Plz Note Engine is completely intact, i take good...
  10. SFC I-Side

    2002 Giants vs 2010 Giants

    Actually heard this on the radio thought it would be thread worthy, 02 is my favorite Giants team of my life I was just coming into consciousness of baseball when Clark, Williams, Thompson, n co were doin it anyway who would win in a best of 7????? 2002 CF Kenny Lofton SS Rich Aurilla 2B Jeff...
  11. SFC I-Side

    Please help me pay for my alcohol

    Its a recession somebody pay pal me tree fiddy mudda fukkin ASAP
  12. SFC I-Side

    If your daughter was being attacked by mangy dags stun gun, sniper rifle, or hockey stick? The father of a six-year-old girl mauled by a pack of dogs has demanded tougher breed restrictions as he described the horror of the attack that...
  13. SFC I-Side

    David Stern to Jim Rome: "Do you still beat your wife?"
  14. SFC I-Side

    Meta World Peace got a new job for the summer
  15. SFC I-Side

    Skip Bayless "Sometimes you gotta put a finger in the dyke"

    Swear on my life, footage forthcoming Happened about 35 minutes in during the talk about OKC and Spurs series if you catch replay
  16. SFC I-Side

    March Madness 2012

    I love this time of year, brackets are comin out in about a hour or so, lets get a general discussion of the tourney, spreads, and news goin Any sleepers you guys like right now? KSU Creighton Detroit U are a couple that stick out to me
  17. SFC I-Side

    Chael Sonnen's Public Apology to Anderson Silva
  18. SFC I-Side

    Enough B******* Will Peyton Manning play another snap in the NFL?

    With so much speculation about the future in Indy one thing is for sure, Andrew Luck is the top propspect at QB in multiple decades this guy has been marked as having a better pedigree than AR and anybody previous or since The Colts will draft Andrew Luck and Peyton has options outside of...
  19. SFC I-Side

    Is Frank Gore a Hall of Famer?

    A lot of football fans on the sicc have mentioned that Frank is on his last legs and the 49ers should address the RB position in the April. Now in my humble opinion Franky is the greatest 49er running back of all time but after 7 seasons is that good enough to get to Canton if his career really...
  20. SFC I-Side

    Seattle PD aka The Mobb

    Tiddays of the day