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  1. DubbC415

    2014 Oakland Athletics

    time to start the new thread...and we'll start it off right with Reddick robbing Mike Morse twice, both incredible catches, during the A's/Giants cactus league opener
  2. DubbC415

    DJ Fresh aka The World's Freshest presents "Boomin System" (free mixtape)

    just went up on Datpiff, got some dope features, hope this is good damn who ever put this up fucked up some of the spelling, hope the tracks sound cool 1.The Worlds Freshest Feat. Clyde Carson, Mayne Mannish, IAMSU, and Problem 2.The Worlds Freshest Feat. Freddie Gibbs, E40, and Cousin...
  3. DubbC415

    Narco Cultura

    KiqzVnA5uLE Yessss my dream has come true. This looks so fuckin dope. Shot really well, and it seems like they've gotten to the heart of the whole narcocorrido culture. lol @ "Cross my path and I'll chop your head off" lol @ "what kinda gun do u want? ah a 9 milli? hehe alright" looks...
  4. DubbC415

    Dumb hoe dresses as Boston Marathon victim, nude pics of her go viral (NSFW)

    So this bitch in Michigan dressed up as a Boston Marathon victim and twitter exploded over it. People found her tumblr and jacked these pics of her. Don't really give a shit about the story but these pics are Siccness approved and have maximum fappability. She's since lost her job and people...
  5. DubbC415

    Bun B-'Trill OG: The Epilogue' cover + tracklisting

    Been waitin on some new Bun B shit. the track listing looks dope as fuck. Hope this is good. 1. “The Best Is Back” 2. “Cake” (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Pimp C) 3. “Fire” (feat. Rick Ross, 2 Chainz & Serani) 4. “No Competition” (feat. Raekwon & Kobe) 5. “Don’t Play with Me” (feat. Pimp C) 6...
  6. DubbC415

    Freeway & The Jacka ft. Freddie Gibbs x Jinx-"Cherry Pie Figured BART could use some new music that wasn't a diss song between lame rappers. Not sure about the Jack yet on this one but Gibbs goes hard as usual. Produced by Jeffro and off their upcoming LP "Highway Robbery". Link to their...
  7. DubbC415

    American Horror Story: Coven

    Was gonna bump the Asylum thread but figured to just start a new one since this shit is different than the previous seasons, obviously. Anyone watch tonight's episode? Shit's dope, still think it's better than a lot of horror movies.
  8. DubbC415

    Tupac B-Day Celebration feat. Rappin 4tay, Mac Mall, Ray Luv and Spice 1

    didnt see a thread about this, and the 'upcoming shows' thread seems to no longer be vital, but if these guys all show up it would be a pretty dope show. Sellassie and Inhouse Talent Present TUPAC BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Hosted by SELLASSIE Rappin’...
  9. DubbC415

    Full Song of Krizz Kalilko's "Kill Shit" ft. Tech N9ne and Twista been waiting a long time to hear Tech's verse and Twista's full verse....did not dissapoint...this song SLAPS
  10. DubbC415

    2010-2011 San Jose Sharks Thread

    So Nabby isnt being resigned, obviously. "Cap issues", which is legit in hockey, they dont want to pay him $5 or $6 mill to be inconsistent when it mattered most. That's not just his fault, of course; the rest of the team was inconsistent too. But the story of this years playoffs, in terms of...
  11. DubbC415

    Common, predictable, recurring scenes in tv shows

    How many fucking tv shows are there with an episode where the idiot main character and his buddy/girlfiend/group of idiot friends "accidentally" lock themselves in A) a freezer, B) closet/storage room (more than likely in a high school) or C) a room where the furnace is broken so it gets really...
  12. DubbC415


    "Unfamous west coast music." Got that right. If you're gonna buy ad space to promote your music, you might want to come up with a better slogan.
  13. DubbC415

    2010 Oakland Athletics Thread

    startin a fresh thread...i know we have way more Giants fans here but the A's gotta get love too. props to Andrew Bailey on the ROY award, nice to have a good closer to build a pitching staff around. so here's some news According to Ken Rosenthal of, Marco Scutaro turned down a...
  14. DubbC415

    Why was Shutter Island pushed back?

    didnt see anything on this, and ive tried lookin for an answer online, only to find that MAYBE the studio didnt wanna compete with the Toy Story releases that were set to come out the same time. Any guesses or did anyone read anything about this?
  15. DubbC415

    Kingpins Only (2 different versions?)

    So I have a tape version of this Killa Tay/KJ (Dosia)-related comp Kingpins Only. Ive been looking for it on cd for a while. Heres what i was looking for- 01 Mr. Rhythm's Good Advice.mp3 02 Wezt Coazt.mp3 03 No Witnezzez.mp3 04 Peep Game.mp3 05 Ain't Givin A Phuck (Feat Tac & Guce).mp3 06 No...
  16. DubbC415

    "Gimme 20 dollars"...what has rap come to?

    WKi7ejJjNLk I heard this on the radio the other night and thought what the fuck....first off, the Tea Bag Boyz? what kind of fucking rap name is that? real gangster. Second, why is this cool to rap about? "Yeah bitch gimme 20 dollas, i aint payin for shit!"
  17. DubbC415

    MLB Open Tryouts

    looking around on different MLB team websites, i came across pages for "open tryouts" certain teams are having. The MLB does their own, and then individual teams have their own too. So far Ive seen schedules for the Astros, Royals, Mariners, and Rays. heres some info about it. If i had the...
  18. DubbC415

    Question about The Click-Down and Dirty (SMG) and Little Bruce-XXXtra Manish

    I came across a sealed copy of the SMG version of The Click-Down and Dirty. Was this re-issued, or how do i know its an OG without opening it? Also, how much is Little Bruce-XXXtra Manish worth? I came up on a super cheap copy of it used. edit: fuck, i guess theres a jive version and a sick...
  19. DubbC415

    Jordin Sparks (from American Idol) performing free @ A's Game

    Not my type of my music but i know some people would want to bring their kids, family, significant other, etc. to this. Shes performing after the A's play the Orioles on Saturday June 6th, game time is 6:05. Free with admission to the game, of course. Just thought id let ya'll know
  20. DubbC415

    Former NBA player Brian Grant has Parkinson's

    damn, 37 years old, diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons, dude was one of my favorite players growing up, i had like 5 rookie cards of his.