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  1. smeezy

    Favorite funny quotes from movies / shows?

    I'm surprised this topic hasn't been started. Here's some to get it started. Good luck chuck: Stu - "I'd suck the fart out of her ass and hold it like a bong hit." Stu - "I'll tell you what's not satisfying. Last night I masturbated into a grapefruit. I put it into a microwave and heated it...
  2. smeezy

    W-4 tax form? What to claim?

    I'm single, have one job and no one else can claim me, or can they? I added up A-F and got 2, what does that mean in terms of tax taken out of my checks? No one else is claiming me. I just need to know what is best, 0, 1 or 2. I put 2 because they said put a 1 if no one else will claim you...
  3. smeezy

    Canadian dollar equal to U.S. dollar for first time since 1976 Canadian Dollar at Parity With Greenback Thursday September 20, 4:47 pm ET By Jackie Farwell, AP Business Writer US Dollar Reaches Parity With Canadian Dollar, Falls to Record Lows Against Euro, Indian Rupee NEW YORK (AP) -- For the first time since...
  4. smeezy

    80GB Ipod Video with Bay slaps

    Just throwing this out there to see what my black ipod video is worth. I don't listen to it much, and 80gb is way too much for me. Anyway, I got over 6GB of rare bay music from the golden bay era in this bitch and some bay music videos. If anyone wants to buy, pm me an offer. Mint condition.
  5. smeezy

    50" Samsung 720p DLP +Xbox360 (HDMI)+Halo 3+1600 Xbox pts+$100NFL gift card <$1200

    50&quot; Samsung 720p DLP +Xbox360 (HDMI)+Halo 3+1600 Xbox pts+$100NFL gift card &lt;$1200 got a promo going on for Samsung DLPs. Get all the aforementioned for just under $1200, free shipping. Add...
  6. smeezy

    Cooler summer this year?

    I noticed this summer wasn't nearly as hot as last summer. Last summer I would sweat and beg for air conditioning, especially in August. But we're already 2 weeks into August and I find myself wearing long sleeve shirts throughout the day, and needing more layers of blankets than usual due to...
  7. smeezy

    KG to Warriors holdup, Biedrins wanted not Harrington

    Los Angeles Times - With Minnesota seeking prospects, the Warriors are now offering Brandan Wright, Monta Ellis and Patrick O'Bryant in exchange for Kevin Garnett. Minnesota is asking for Andris Biedrins. Golden State is offering Al Harrington instead and may also insist that Garnett waive his...
  8. smeezy

    PSP questions

    Just got a PSP. I got a question regarding memory cards, what should I get? 2GB or 4GB and is the high speed ones necessary? What's the pro on getting that? I intend to dl games off torrents and use it as another mp3 player. Also, since movie/game files are over 500mb's, I suppose you can...
  9. smeezy

    Need a real vacation, suggestions?

    Thinking about going to an island, any places you've experienced that you would like to recommend? I need details such as prices, whether I need a passport etc.
  10. smeezy

    Mr.T a warriors fan?

    Jacked from another forum lol, I thought this shit was funny, did BD wrong haha.
  11. smeezy

    My Apt raises rent

    I've been living in my apartment for about 5 months on a month to month lease paying $825 a month. I just get this notice on my door today March 14th that says my lease expires March 31st. I did not know my "lease" expires at the end of this month and that a new rate of $950 will take place at...
  12. smeezy

    I traded my Xbox for a Wii

    Purchased new Xbox for $350 (12% discount) plus $20 for 2 year warranty. Total cost $370. Got a brand new Wii from a trade with protection kit, 2 year warranty and $10. Wii cost $249.99 plus tax, plus $20 for protection kit, and $40 2 year warranty, the total amount I got from the guy's...
  13. smeezy

    Could it be Saudi Arabia supplying Sunnis? Saudis Funding Iraq's Sunni Insurgents Black Hawks Down: The downing by Jihadists of six U.S. choppers in three weeks, almost all in Sunni-controlled territories of Iraq, isn't dumb luck. They're clearly using more high-tech weapons. Who's arming...
  14. smeezy

    Yahoo mail problems?

    The last couple of months on occasion it's been a bitch to log in my email. I've had yahoo for like 3 years and been lovin it but now it's fucking slow as fuck. Anyone else have this problem? If you have a gmail invite, hit me on the pm with one if you can, appreciated.
  15. smeezy

    Who got allhiphop account?

    They won't let me register over there, don't know why. But if you have one can you post this vin number: 1hgcg2251ya000111 in this thread for me: There's a guy running vin numbers with his carfax account and I need a history report...
  16. smeezy

    Carfax account? Need vin number

    I need a history report on a vehicle, if you got a carfax or autocheck account let me know and I'll pm you the vin. Thanks.
  17. smeezy

    Recommend male R&B vocalists...

    That belong with the group of these guys: TQ Johnny P Jamie Foxx Jaheim Tyrese Usher Nate Dogg Lyfe Jennings Singers with hip hop music kinda. Please don't just recommend any folks but dudes with slept on good albums..If Bo-Rock of the Dove Shack had a album that would've been sick.
  18. smeezy

    Traffic ticket (no left turn) question

    I just got a ticket for turning left when there was a "no left turn" sign. Obviously I didn't see that sum bitch and I turned when there was absolutely no cars coming either way. Next thing I know a motorcycle cop has his lights blinking behind me. Anyway the fucking pig gave me a fucking...
  19. smeezy

    Xbox 360 $350 Shipped

    12% off your ENTIRE order at overstock and no tax and free shipping! I might have my girl get me this shit. I really want to play GOW. I'm not much of a gamer as I used to be but the 360 is the shit, Resident Evil 5 will be available for it next year too. Anybody know if MS will drop their...
  20. smeezy

    Elections over, gas prices rising already

    My local gas station I frequent already bumped 10 cents from this morning, it was within a 4 hour time-frame. Fucking conspiracy.