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    Battle of the bay 7 MISTAH FAB VS ARSONAL
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    freeway and the jacka highway robbery

    was up with this album? wasnt it suppose to come out the 12 ?
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    Adam Schefter: Raiders shopping Asomugha

    The Oakland Raiders have a whole lot of players they'd like to unload -- just as long as they can find a trading partner. Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Raiders have had discussions with multiple teams to see if they can find anyone to take some of their players off their hands...
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    Los Amos de Nuevo Leon: El Hyphy !

    shit slaps... just finished listening to it... 1.El Hyphy (Jai-Fi) 2.Carnal Vamos Pa Las Vegas 3.Dos Gueras 4.Y Llore, Grite Y Cante 5.Los Angeles Por La Noche 6.El Mother Fucker 7.Vales Michoacanos 8.Hay Que Tratarlas Mal 9.Las Cocas 10.El Grifo 11.El Mounstro 12.Malagradecida 13.Tres Noches Y...
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    93.3 La Raza The hyphy movment!!

    well not sure how many yall listen to la raza or corridos in general....bu i just noticed they started saying that shit for their commercials lol.... hella weird they got couple diffent ones too.... one says " el movimento controlando la raza the hyphy movment" lol and the got couple songs now...
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    So i bought the first slipknot CD !!

    Decided to treat my ears to something new and picked up their cd and i got say im happy i made the decision ! one of the first things i notice is that they seem to have some hip hop and junlge influence !! which im huge fans of ! next thing i wanna ask are there other albums like this cause it...
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    DJ Vlad Directing Mac Dre American Gangster Episode

    By Roman Wolfe and Nolan Strong Well known mixtape DJ Vlad the Butcher will bring the story of Mac Dre and his infamous Romper Room Gang to BET on an upcoming episode of American Gangster, has learned. DJ Vlad, who originally hails from the Bay area, will direct the upcoming...
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    Any good shows for new years ??

    anyone know whats poppin in the bay ? my cuzin said something about a mistah fab and turf talk show in san jose... anyone know if anything else is gonna crack ?
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    anyone going to WRESTLE FEST/ ROH at the cow palace ? Oct 19-21

    there suppose to have a Christan cage vs abyss vs mystery guy on sat but i heard that on Sunday ROH will make there Wescoast debut in the bay and hold an event on the last day of the 3 day festival... im gonna be there always wanted to see what ROH is all about people say that ROH live is hella good
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    Is the Team broken up ?

    just simple question has The Team gone there sepreate ways... or are they just focusing on there solo projects atm...
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    Anyone going to the streetlow lowrider show ?

    keak tha sneak is scheduled perform... should be koo
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    Any good new year shows in the bay ???

    just wondering cause my came up to started telling me how e-40 is suppose to perform at the cow palace at the new year and can get the tickets for 20$ a pop... just wondering if its true and if it aint what else is popping new years
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    any shows for the holiday ??

    any good shows this weekend ??? i heard something about the hoodstarz maybe doign a show.... but yeah anyone know anything i can hit in north or south bay
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    Murs might do some hyphy stuff.....

    koo interview but after he said he might to some hyphy shit can you imagine him on a droop-e beat or maybe murs and some e a ski beats...... FF to 6:17 to hear him speak on it
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    Free turf talk show this friday ?

    maybe i miss heard on radio but is he suppose to be doing a show in san jose this friday ?
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    Game Ft snoop dog and CLyde carson- Lights Camera Action

    hte track is nice not sure if we can post tracks here or somewhere else but here ya go