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    What race of people are your favorite?

    Her Hindu heritage must be subconsciously surrounding her with Ganesh the elephant god
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    What race of people are your favorite?

    I've started to appreciate Hinduism more. Watch some Sadhguru videos some of the stuff he says makes you think!! One thing fucked up about Hinduism are the Aghori's. They drink piss and eat feces out of a human skull and do hella drugs, roam the land and sleep in cemeteries
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    RIP Joker

    Gotta keep the sicc alive this place will always be special for those that found it! For a second I thought the Joker was dead but when I saw your post I was happy it was a sicccccc joke!!
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    Master P Releases Trailer for “King Of The South” Biopic

    I grew up on P can't wait to see this!!
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    The Compare Game

    Let's play the compare game. It's simple compare 2 things and pick the 1 you prefer. Post your answer followed by a new comparison. I will start with a couple so you get the idea - Suga Free or Suga T? Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali? Alf or Al Capone?
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    Untapped dope on

    dope on datpiff There's alotta dope on so thought it be a good idea to make a thread and see what dope folks can recommend? Here's some Jacka and Ampichino mixtapes - Spiritual Thug Mixtape by The Jacka & Ampichino Hosted by Don Corleone, MixMasterz Spiritual Thug 2 Mixtape by...
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    Puff killed Pac? Puff driving Orlandos uncles car in Ushers first single

    Don't wanna open a can of worms.. as mentioned searching these forums isn't straight forward and couldnt find anything specific on this... Trivia about Ushers first single 1994 produced by Puff Daddy and Jodeci's DeVante (on talkbox). From wiki - Can U Get wit It - Wikipedia vQLlM-0fbco
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    New Hollowtip video go!

    nEa3NFf3dJ0 0jKxIjAbnPo
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    Bird100 KCMO rapper

    There's little to no info here about this rapper Bird outta KCMO. Is it the same Bird that was in the group Block Life? Some of his music is aight but he a snitch. There's some diss songs put out by Yung Cat (Fat Tone Jnr) and Nutty for him tellin RzvV6nWvslQ -vqRKio5z3M zaKeWSmdcCk 5mO8gnjX9j4
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    Favorite Messy Marv Album/tracks

    Kokaine Ballads From My S550
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    Stitches wants to fight *YOU* for $10,000.

    @DaGrimProphet should sign up!
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    Young Mennace from Minnesota?

    its still sealed. It's on ebay if you really want it!
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    Young Mennace from Minnesota?

    I still got it but I don't really want sell unless you make an offer I can't refuse.
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    Free Guce and Lil Tae

    What happened to Guce and Lil Tae? Only found out coz of this video - ayphrA4rmYY
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    Paul Law songs?

    How many songs has Paul Law released? Any albums? Can only find 3 songs all classics - fucked up day, spend the night and the worst OUhB_Eik5JI&list=PLTXmN_lUE-T64svD0Gvf5ncBWkpxDrp3Y
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    Sounds like Crazie Locs @locsessj
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    what song is this? If I had a project bitch she would look like this

    I can't remember who did this song. The hook went something like - Anyone know?
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    Beautiful girls ugly sidekick

    Not had the pleasure yet. Never heard this expression before. Makes me think her head is so heavy it would flatten the pillow after laying on it hehehe That got alotta props.. wondering what @4SidedLie looks like now!
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    what girls go through when pregnant?

    I got a friend whos having a kid and he told me theres a term called a sweep which means the girl has a layer of skin removed from inside her to make it easier for the kid to come out and so baby shit don't fill up inside her wtf