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  1. K

    Mike Sherm

    Ive been on mike sherms shit for about a good year now, he got barz. Mostly on some P.I. shit, but hes from antioch. Im bringing this up because he just dropped this shit a week ago with the woodie sample. Im fucking with it. Rip woodie.
  2. K

    Cormega speaking on jack

    Not sure if it's been posted, mega speaking on Jack with Jordan tower. Pretty dope, rip.starts around the19 minute Mark
  3. K

    Sauce Walka & T.S.F.

    Any Sauce Walka, sauce twinz or TSF fans on here. Ooo wee
  4. K

    what happened to Cam City?

    Whatever happened to dude? I liked both of his dolos, solid production and good features always
  5. K

    Unreleased Johnny CA$h?

    Anyone know whatsup with unreleased cash material? Rest in peace he was Hella nice and on his way too blow