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  1. 2-0-Sixx

    Triple G vs Canelo REMATCH [MAY 5th/Cinco de Mayo]

    What's at stake? IBF World Middleweight Title WBA Super World Middleweight Title WBC World Middleweight Title IBO World Middleweight Title The Ring MW Belt Lineal Middleweight crown Pride No one was satisfied with a Draw. Especially most fans who scored GGG winning. Props to Canelo for a...
  2. 2-0-Sixx

    Charlie Manson dead at 83

    Manson served nine life terms in California prisons and was denied parole 12 times. Charles Manson, leader of murderous cult, dead at 83 - CNN Looking back, I've realized Manson really wouldn't be shit if he did that stuff today. Seems like our level of crazies has intensified since '69...
  3. 2-0-Sixx

    They got Keyser Söze too?!

    “I would call him a pedophile and a sexual predator” Kevin Spacey to seek treatment after sexual harassment accusations The announcement comes mere days after actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of trying to “seduce” him when he was only 14 years old by jumping on top of...
  4. 2-0-Sixx

    Seahawks News Thread

    Holy shit guys better watch out we got ourselves a real badass over here AND a big time baller! Even typed out double c's! What an insane gamble; betting anyone on the internet that the Seahawks won't be a "championship team" meaning they won't win it all and beat out 31 other teams wow way to...
  5. 2-0-Sixx

    Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin vs Canelo Álvarez 9/16 [WBA, WBC, IBF, lineal title]

    lmao nice troll attempt. Anyways, Teddy Atlas went on a while about how Canelo would win the fight, here is his reaction to the decision: Average scorecard per app 117-113 Twitter reaction went crazy, almost all high profile people had GGG Manny Pacquiao Did they bring these judges...
  6. 2-0-Sixx


    Are you so self aware that you constantly type "lmao" after each comment of yours because you know people will be laughing at how unbelievably stupid you sound? I'm sure I'm giving you too much credit. Going to space costs a lot of money. Going to the moon cost even more. It's also incredibly...
  7. 2-0-Sixx

    McGregor vs Mayweather 8/26/17

    I've yet to see anyone say Floyd only won one round going into the 10th. I don't know if coaches will be "reverse engineering" Conor's fights or not, but I don't think there's a whole lot to take away from this particular Boxing match. I don't think Conor did anything amazing in there that...
  8. 2-0-Sixx

    McGregor vs Mayweather 8/26/17

    Boxrec will always list every fight on the event and on the date as well (there are actually well over 100 fights tomorrow, which is typical for a Saturday). Here is the entire card: Gervonta Davis vs Francisco Fonseca Nathan Cleverly vs Badou Jack Steve...
  9. 2-0-Sixx

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Oh yeah forgot about that, so much happened in that episode. They obviously got something cookin. I always imagined Cercei would end up going Mad King and try to "Burn them all" and burn the city down, and Jamie has to kill her just like he did the mad king. That way it fulfills the prophecy...
  10. 2-0-Sixx

    Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin vs Canelo Álvarez 9/16 [WBA, WBC, IBF, lineal title]

    September 16, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and will be televised on HBO pay-per-view Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin 37-0 (33 KO) 5'10.5 35 years old Orthodox Unified WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO middleweight champion. Last 8 fights: Danny Jacobs UD, Kell Brook TKO5, Dominic Wade KO2, David Lemieux...
  11. 2-0-Sixx

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Yo. This season has been off the chains but I avoid this thread cause I remember how many negative Nancy's there were crying about every fucking thing, it's too depressing. I prefer to enjoy the show. But I got a long post here about some thoughts and minor predictions. Like last episode, they...
  12. 2-0-Sixx

    far cry 5

    Primal was like an in-between game, almost expansion like Blood Dragon, type game, hence it didn't have a number, so I never considered it as a "real" Far Cry. Basically just a reskinned Far Cry 4 with a unique concept (like Blood Dragon). It's interesting this takes place in Montana. I guess...
  13. 2-0-Sixx

    Views on Transgenders...

    I think he's right that we do need to begin colonizing another planet relatively soon, why keep all of our eggs in one basket, but I'm not sure his 100 years is based on anything. In November he said 1,000 years, now he's saying 100. Maybe he didn't get the kind of reaction he wanted and that...
  14. 2-0-Sixx

    Blade Runner 2 [Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling]

    Trailer looks dope. The synthwave soundtrack is going to be godly
  15. 2-0-Sixx

    Blade Runner 2 [Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling]

    Trailer looks dope. Give me the synthwave soundtrack promto
  16. 2-0-Sixx

    Blade Runner 2 [Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling]

    I'm liking what I've seen so far. Lots of talented people and it seems like this isn't just a money grab. Preview to the trailer The highly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1980s sci-fi classic is directed by Arrival and Sicario filmmaker Denis Villeneuve and takes place 30 years...
  17. 2-0-Sixx

    Chess not Checkers..

  18. 2-0-Sixx

    The Dark Tower [July 28, 2017]

    Well, after watching the trailer I think its now clear this movie looks like garbage, it's just a generic action flick that completely misses the point of the books and will only vaguely resemble the books: I didn't realize there are FOUR screenwriters to this movie. That's way too many...
  19. 2-0-Sixx

    Will Trump Inc. drop bombs on North Korea?

    Right? It's not looking good!
  20. 2-0-Sixx

    Will Trump Inc. drop bombs on North Korea?

    Well no, actually it was well understood at the time. I think you may be thinking of under Eisenhower early on (the military wanting to nuke Russia) a lot was still to be learned, but by the 60s, they already had ten years of experience with thermonuclear bomb testing. The first US thermo nuke...