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    Video: Nascar qualifying crash, Michael McDowell

    Just saw this on sportscenter. geURCl7UGGc
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    Demar Derozan: 2008 McDonald's Slam Dunk Winner (Video)

    All the dunks are tight, the last one that he won on is the best--bouncing it, then off the backboard, then dunked. He's from Compton, and going to USC next year p0pRGj4xbHc
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    Coco Austin: Ice T's wife in Playboy saw Ice T on Conan talking about these pics.............damn:knockout:cool picture locations. He said they were on a subway taking a picture and the conductor came back and asked them what was going on on, and Ice T says, "so...
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    Ipod/Itunes question

    I posted this in the "computer forum" but no one responded. Anyone have any suggestions? I plugged my Ipod in and it asked if I wanted to download the latest version of Itunes. I clicked yes, it downloaded. Now it won't let me transfer files from torrents to my Ipod because of the new...
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    A's: 2007 World Champs

    Not a lot of stats to back that up.....but they have everyone back from last year, except Thomas, who else have they lost? They picked up Shannon Stewart, which I think will work out great and be a big surprise. I'm gonna put $200 on the A's soon in Vegas. Oh yeah, and Piazza....I'm...
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    Melo and Dwight Howard for Yao and Boozer in All Star Game

    Makes the game more exciting for sure. Yao and Boozer are hurt.
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    Personal Development for Smart People message board

    The siccness is tight. I just found another board called "personal development for smart people" It covers everything that's not on the siccness. Health & Fitness (14 Viewing) Health issues, diet, exercise, sleep, fitness, endurance, flexibility...
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    Any advice for someone going to jail

    My friend's going jail, any serious advice? Is it scary? How do you get through it without getting fucked with? He's 20, kind of a pussy, drug related charges, be in there about a month.
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    All sports message board I found this message board just now, it looks tight, discusses every sport along with betting on sports
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    Should college football have a playoff system?

    I think college football should have a playoff system. I say, keep the rankings, and the top ranked 6 teams play. #6 vs. #3, 4 vs. 5, 1 and 2 have byes, and play the winner of those games. The losers then play eachother in the other two top bowl games. It would take three extra games, which...
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    Tiger wins AP Athlete of Year

    Beat out Tomlinson, and Federer came in third.
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    Tracy McGrady scores 13 points in 35 seconds

    I know, I know, old news from last year, but if anyone hasn't seen it or wants to relive one of the craziest moments in NBA history....
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    2008 MLB free agents A lot of good players
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    What the Bleep Do we know?

    good movie, check it out when you have an hour and a half.
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    Jim Everett vs. Jim Rome.....Chris, lol It's probably been posted before, it happened in '94.
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    Joey Porter calls Kellen Winslow a Fag

    He got fined 10,000 today for it. Winslow is such a fag ever since that, "I'm a soldier" outburst.
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    Who won BARS Awards?

    They announced it last night. Anyone know?
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    Giants interested in Zito, 43 yr. old Wells I guess Manny Ramirez is now being considered a "long shot." David Wells is thinking about coming out of retirement to play for Bochy. IMO, Giants might as well pick him up. I think they'd get a good price...
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    Would you fuck Beth from "Dawg the Bounty..."

    Tough one:x I'd go with yes
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    Iverson to pay for funeral of gunshot victim

    I respect him a lot even through everything. One of my favorite players on and off the court.