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    4 those who luv Pizza Hut sauce....

    Is sauce made out of powder n tap water really all that? Has anybody worked there, and are all their sauces like this? After I found out their main pizza sauce was made this way, I haven't ate the hut ever since.
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    About Scoot Dogg - Game Twisted release

    Something I noticed while looking up "Scoot Dogg - Game Twisted", I came across this: Scoot Dogg - Game Twisted (CD) at Discogs and on there it states "This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs.". Now that makes me think @InDO or...
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    Master P/No Limit disses by Bay Area rappers

    Post some Master P/No Limit disses by Bay Area rappers, like this: watch?v=Vudaydz6Z6k
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    Master P/No Limit disses by Southern rappers

    Post some Master P/No Limit disses by Southern rappers, like this: watch?v=CEPcVLM733M
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    *Sale pending (let me know if you want better shots, or more)
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    *Possible* bootleg seller on eBay

    I don't know who this person is and even tho they have positive feedback, it is only so much. Nothing against anyone if it is a legit seller, but this to me is suspect At first glance it didn't appear right to me, like I didn't recognize it. I started thinking maybe I just don't recall that...
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    Q's on eBay selling

    What's up eBay sellers? I'm someone who has done lil selling on eBay during these last few years, but I'm thinking I am eventually going to have to put more things on there. Now I am a U.S. seller and I am looking for any suggestions on what I should do. Like should I block certain countries, or...
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    Q on Scarface's The Fix CD

    Anybody know what the enhanced features on this CD are?
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    Some of this is pending sale. Otherwise this is most of my rap tape collection that I'm willing to let go of for the right offer. Might find something in there that's not rap, but I put aside some of the stuff that's not rap for ya
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    Looking for some opinions on tapes.

    Do you think it's worth converting tapes to cd's, if the tape release is already available on CD? Do you feel that it would be better to have the CD quality? Just something I've been considering done
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    I know some of us were trying to figure out Ski's first release and this has got to be it: 3yblyjwnVAY
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    People of the east bay

    How true is this? LOL Someone put this on Facebook and I thought it was funny. Is there a lot of "hipsters" in Oakland?
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    Da 5 Footaz - The Lost Scrolls cd-r

    Was this released on cd-r?
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    WTF? JizkzFeA0is King George will forever try and live off of the no limit days!
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    Merry Christmas!

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    The best Madden games

    What do you think are the best Maddens? I know a lot of heads don't like the new one, but it ain't bad. 2004 really stood out to me and 2005, so I think they deserve a spot up there.
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    Shipping to ebayer from Ghana, with 0 feedback.

    I feel nervous about this and realized I should have revised my listing more, but the buyer has already clicked the "buy it now" option. This item is worth hundreds and the buyer would like it shipped DHL or Fed-Ex. How should I handle this?
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    Did a beef really happen between Paperboy and Duke?

    Anybody know about an old beef with Paperboy and Duke of DarkRoom Familia? Check it out: X-IIB-0mckg I wonder how much truth there is to that. It's a funny ass verse and sounds exaggerated if it's true. I would think at least something happened, unless Duke thought this would get him attention.
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    The first Yukmouth rap

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    Got info on these tapes?

    Critical Condition (self-titled) and The Black Rebellion (LOL). I know the Critical Condition is some Louisiana rap from the 90's and I don't got any info on the Black Rebellion tape. How much would you sell these tapes for?