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    young trigger question

    anyone know how young trigger died?i know im late on this topic but just wondering.
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    capone diss by mr.criminal
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    article on ms-13
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    al quida really wants to be surenos?
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    damn surenos roll deep
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    what happened to brownside?

    they were the sickest group back in the day, never hear of them anymore?I know danger passed away rip and toker got life eastside drama best cd of its time
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    18th st

    ay whats the deal sorry im not from l.a but are they surenos?Cuz i hear they got major beef with all the surenos out in l.a i thought they claimed sur but i hear they wear black all the time.Any estimation how deep they are i know they like 20+ thousand deep.Cuz i see some in the bay area...
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    all the hype about mitchy slick?

    well as reading all these posts i wanted to find out about mitchy who obviously is being talked a lot about.I don't care where your from i'll listen to it if it's hot.But i bought his cd after never ever hearing about him to show him some love and man that cd is weak real talk.It's a wannabe...
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    reading the west county times today and it said richmond rated most violent city in cali for its 103,000 population.2nd was compton 96,000 pop.3rd was san bernardino 197,611 pop.4th wasoakland 403,445 pop.5thstockton 274,598 pop.6th sacramento 450,472.7th inglewood 116,537.8th rialto 99,000.9th...