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    Keak Da Sneak Twitter

    Just seen this on keaks twitter the other day so i thought i'd post it on siccness for all the keak fans.. # 2011 My Year. I Gotta Brand New Album Produced by my nigga DJ Fresh. Then I Gotta New ALbum With The Boy Boy & PSD And I Got Keak Hendrix 6:10 PM Nov 27th via web
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    Just heard this track so i thought i'd post it up,its not what i was expecting when i first heard it..i aint really feelin it that much i always thought that a Yuk and Ya Boy collabo would be somethin for the ages but this shyt right here kinda disapoints to say the least..what yall think...
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    any 1 got any info on C-BO and if he has any plans this year on releasing an album cuz the last solo he had was money to burn and that came out i think in 06 and he had the album wit killa Tay but nothin after that so if any 1 know wussup fill me in ..1
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    Heres a remix to Da Town which was on West Coast Don it features Richie Rich Beeda Weeda Agerman Kafani Shady Nate Lee Majors G-Stack..Always good to hear a new Richie Rich verse but i think Beeda Weeda outshined erybody on the track even Agerman..check it out and judge 4 urself...
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    i heard some of his shyt on youtube and the more i listen to him the more i feel his music so whats some of his past projects thats worth coppin cuz i never heard any of his shyt as in full albums just songs here and there
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    wackest Yukmouth song EVER!!

    i was checkin out some myspace pages and came on Yuks and i seen he had a new track on there called Gwop Boy...gotta be the most piece of shyt garbage song i ever heard in my life..and the autotune doesnt happened to Yuk?
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    just seen this song on youtube dont know if this is the real name of the song but it goes hard!! I dont even listen to rydahs part i just rewind it back to Dre's verse..1 of the hardest verses he ever spit imo..this song is another reason why he was in a class of his own r.i.p furl...
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    Sup wit B-Legit/TurfTalk

    Any 1 got any news on them and if their releasing an album any time soon.. i dont know why Turf dont drop any mixtapes or comps he needs to make more music and same wit B-Le wussup wit him aint heard anything new from him for hella days..
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    Yuk interview

    just seen this shyt today..he gotta new cd comin out check it out
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    Yup yet another Yuk album being pushed back...this time on his myspace the release date is pushed backed to july 14th!!!! hella gay cuz i was lookin forward to this and now we gotta wait til half way through summer!!...the question every 1 wants 2 know is why Yuk shyt ALWAYS get pushed back...
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    heres a link to the new Yuk song Da Town featuring Keak...i think its dope sound like Yuk on the hook wit his voice tweaked..i think its gonna be on his new cd West Coast far the tracks i heard that r suppose to make the cd r dope we'll have to wait and see tho... here yall go watch...
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    Yo Tay wussup with the mob man?? wussup wit 151 and lil cyco?? what they been up 2? when u guys gonna drop an album?..we could use a WCM fix any day now!!!
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    what do u guys think that folks from the other coasts thought about the Mac Dre episode on BET? Do u think it drew more attention to his music or u think that people didn't really care much about it?.. i wonder what they think about Dre and his whole image since its somethin that they aint...
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    3rd Eye Hook

    aite we all know that 3rd eye hook on da new San Quinn cd goes pretty hard..but wtf is he sayin? i can understand a few words here n there but if any 1 know it post it cuz that shyts buggin me!!
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    Master p or Silk The Shocker??

    aite guys enough of these stupid polls lets have a poll on some real artists that impacted the rap game and influenced hundreds of rappers and made them who they are today SIKE!!!!! LOL!!!!:cool:
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    aite b4 i get the "oh ur fuckin dumb u need 2 do ur homework b4 posting nonsense.."..can some 1 out there explain to me or fill me in on why yuk and quinn dont fuck with each other?? is it really cuz of dat whole game shyt or is there some other politics that i dont know about? any 1? cuz yea i...
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    R.I.P. MAC DRE ( 4 YEARS)

    4 YEARS TO THIS DAY WHEN WE LOST OUR KING...R.I.P. to the cuddy.. "fuck da world we luv furl"
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    Mac Dre & Jerry Porter(dolphins)

    just thought i'd post this for the "die hard" mac dre fans...just a video that i seen on da internet wit him and jerry porter in hawaii..and no its not da 1 where dres throwin up 55 wit his hand...r.i.p cutty
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    i dont bout u guys but i fucks with haji springer..not cuz he da most lyrical..not cuz he got da cleanest beats..but i just fuck wit him cuz he funny as hell n he makes feel good music...sheiith i think his album was pretty coo.. what u guys think bout da hyphy indian rapper?
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    YUK UGA3???

    when uga 3 droppin? bays wack right now he need 2 drop that shyt so we can bump sum quality shyt dat slump..and he always ups his lyric game when it come to da uga series so Yuk stop smokin n drop it mayn! cuz u know its gona get pushed back ATLEAST 5 times b4 it drops...yaddadda!! word life!!!