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  1. undergroundjj

    UFC Or King Of The Cage Or K1

    i like both i saw King OF The Cage In Reno Last week For THere PPV shit was ill what yall like
  2. undergroundjj

    Since When

    Did Birdman Start Throwin And FLaggin Blood jus turned on Rap City And Saw That Shit lol
  3. undergroundjj

    can u add

    the new yuk n bo mixtape that jus dropped
  4. undergroundjj

    any1 kno when Lynch N Co BM2 Droppin

    i h ard C Bo say they was for sure doing it n alrdy had a few cuts but thats about it any1 kno whats going on?
  5. undergroundjj

    Raiders Vs 49ers Preseason opener

    Who yall picking for preseason opener I Got Raiders
  6. undergroundjj

    how can i get my hands on these cds

    i Live in Reno But IAInt Ever Seen ANy Of these fucking cds so if any1 knows where i can buy em props Johnny Boy Presents - Gangs of Las Vegas Johnny Boy & PG - Loved By Few, Hated By Many Johnny Boy - Threat To Society Clicka One - The Circle
  7. undergroundjj

    50 piggybank video

    stupid as fuck just saw full version of it lmfao its a joke anyone else seen it?
  8. undergroundjj

    Can U Upload

    First Degree Sac Crips Vs SacBloods if thats what its called props if you can do it
  9. undergroundjj

    hot august night in reno

    any1 comin down?
  10. undergroundjj

    All Out War Vol 2

    any1 got that shit it says it came out 21st but i aint seen it so post it u got it an wha do u think bout it
  11. undergroundjj

    Horrorcore Rapper From NW Peep Him Out If Yeah Like Horrorcore
  12. undergroundjj

    Smigg I Rocc Blue Brothers

    Can Yall Put THat Up I'm Buyin It Soon I FInd It In Stores In Reno but i wanna peep it out
  13. undergroundjj

    C Lim new cd?

    can u post new c lim i wanna hear it before i order it
  14. undergroundjj

    Blues Brothers CD

    did that shit drop yet cuz on Westcoast Ridahz it sats the 22nd and if it dropped i am wonderin if they are sellin it in Reno or if any1 knows where i can get it hit me bacc
  15. undergroundjj

    Moc C

    How Can I Get My Hands On His Shit I used 2 Live in Nevada But Moved 2 WA And I Tryin 2 Get My Hands on Some LV Rappers Hit Me Back
  16. undergroundjj

    best love songs of 04

    what is the best love song from the bay area
  17. undergroundjj

    Dude Kills Himself In Ploice Office Video Inside if ya like blood peep it dude puts it 2 his head n ends it real quick
  18. undergroundjj

    any1 see the fight in DET

    haha that fight was sicc DET anD IND ak them fans got smashed
  19. undergroundjj

    can u add this cd

    Yall Should Put Don Dagos Cd Up Shits HOT
  20. undergroundjj

    Blue Ragg

    when is it comin out i thought it was comin summer but summer damn near over :\