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  1. J:M

    Kero One - Welcome To The Bay

    Mods, kill this thread if this is a dupe. To the hardcore siccness user, I apologize for not finding a song that talks about hoes, money, or drugs. For the bay fans of lyricists and good music, YOU'RE WELCOME!
  2. J:M

    Will recession dull hip-hop's bling?

    I know it has nothing to do with the current Smoke-A-Thon dick sucking, but it's a subject that makes you think for a second. By John D. Sutter CNN (CNN) -- Gold teeth, luxury cars and diamond chains heavy enough to slump a bodybuilder's shoulders have been ubiquitous symbols in hip-hop music...
  3. J:M

    Balance - Golden State Warriorz

    01. I'm Good - Messy Marv, Balance, Yukmouth (ehh) Lyrics decent, production great! Yuk and Mess rappin about the same thing as usual. Mr. Balance ripped this one. When Mess is on a song with good lyricists, he kinda becomes an afterthought. Favorite line: "I'm good in the hood, this beat is...
  4. J:M

    Is Hip Hop Influential or Entertaining?

    Here's an interesting piece I found on HipHopDX. I think it can be used to refer to BART. I know we've seen articles this before but hey, here's another one. Is Hip Hop Influential or...
  5. J:M

    Why should Bay artists make a music video?

    I was just looking at the program guide for MTV, and the only time they play videos is between 5AM-7AM. People that don't have extended cable won't be able to watch MTV Jams or MTV Hits (or whatever it's called), so the national appeal isn't there. Is BET still using radio spins to determine...
  6. J:M

    Ya Boy & BD?

    Not sure if anyone got info. Please share if you do. Pretty sure BD ain't rappin on it, but curious to see what type of project they got.
  7. J:M

    Do you wear Girbaud's?

    Do you wear Girbaud's? I don't, never have. Yawn! Found this on Just thought it was interesting. Girbaud Jeans Pulls A "Cristal" Move On Hip Hop July 26th, 2007 | Author: Aliya Ewing It's 2007 and despite dominating popular culture, Hip Hop is still continuously being hated...
  8. J:M

    Hot Ghetto Mess Coming Soon!

    Here's a show coming on BET. I searched to see if there was a thread on it already but couldn't find one, if there is, mods please delete this thread. Here's the site that BET would like to make into a show, hosted by Charlie Murphy. The reason I...
  9. J:M

    Black culture beyond hip-hop

    Found this on Sacbee & it's about hip hop. I know it's a stretch, but I think it's a good article to put on BART. (Article originally released in Washington Post) I searched and couldn't find anything, if this thread is a dupe, mods please delete. Thanks! What do you think? Thomas...
  10. J:M

    Are Bay Videos a Waste of Money?

    Hey all, "ARE BAY VIDEOS A WASTE OF MONEY?!" Khadafi - Fast, Mistah FAB - Ghostridin, Big Rich - That's the Business, Frontline - What You Want were all videos created in the past year or so. The Bay video game has been stepping up with the production, as good as any I've seen on TV. People...
  11. J:M

    Album Features with Bay Artists

    I saw someone post about the Hyphy movement being dead and what not and I came up with this, hopefully it hasn't been posted here before. But back to my point. Bay area artists have good features on the newer albums with "mainstream" cats. Messy Marv with Lil Flip on Bandanas, Jadakiss on...
  12. J:M

    NBA 2K6 or Fight Night 2 on XBOX Live

    I'm looking for anyone that plays these games on xbox live to play against. Hit me back wit it.
  13. J:M

    Definition of Mac Dre

    Saw this online at Thought it was funny. Sorry if it's a re-post.
  14. J:M

    Yukmouth's Regime Mixtape

    Has anyone copped this yet? And I don't mean no bootleggin. I seen it on Rapbay, but I was wondering if Rasputin's got it yet cause I wanna get it in person. Thanks y'alls.
  15. J:M

    The Game in Frisco - 09.21.04

    Here. Someone forewarded this to me. Since the Yuk and Game situation is going on, here's your chance. Go HATE or CONGRATULATE: THAT'S RIGHT YOU HAVE READ CORRECTLY! GAME OF G-UNIT WILL BE IN THE HOUSE TUESDAY [email protected] INDUSTRY TUESDAYS! ALONG WITH INTERSCOPE RECORDS! IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO...
  16. J:M

    KMEL Big Shot Contest

    Quick questions. Did Slim Mark D Riz ever make a song with E-A-Ski or whoever the producer was? Same thing with the second contest. What's the timeframe of Scotty T working with Kanye West? Those questions just came up out of the blue (I blame Mary Jane). I totally forgot they were having...