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  1. Meta4iCAL


    I don't think there is a thread on this already, if so then my bad. Just saw this on Friday in 3d imax, and it was pretty amazing. The storyline was simple, and I'm not sure how realistic it was... but watching this in 3d on a big ass screen is one of the best cinematic experiences I've had...
  2. Meta4iCAL

    The Offical 2013 Oakland Raiders Season Thread

    Ok let's stop fucking with the offseason thread.
  3. Meta4iCAL

    San Diego Brehs

    My girl and I are planning to get away this weekend and were thinking about hitting up SD. So give me some tips on places to eat and things to do when I'm down there. I've never been there except driving through when I've gone to Mexico a few times. Strip clubs, tiddies and pussu, all that shit...
  4. Meta4iCAL

    The official "I ain't voting today and I don't give a fuck what you think" thread

    The official "I ain't voting today and I don't give a fuck what you think" thread Yeadat
  5. Meta4iCAL

    Buccaneers @ Raiders

    Fuck the Bucs. We got this in a close game. I'll be in the building.
  6. Meta4iCAL

    Jaguars @ Raiders

    I think we SHOULD win this game... but that scares me, because every time the Raiders SHOULD win a game... we don't The Jags are coming off a bye and have had time to prepare. MJD coming home to the East Bay... he's gonna wanna put on a show. our run defense needs to contain him and we should...
  7. Meta4iCAL

    Raiders @ Falcons

    We're gonna die
  8. Meta4iCAL

    Why I'm not voting for Romney

    Edit: Updated. My boy at work emailed me this today. Apparently it was on Snoop Dogg's twitter. I dunno who wrote... but shit had me cracking up
  9. Meta4iCAL

    Raiders @ Donkeys

    We break Peytons neck on the first play 6000 - 3.... Raiders win Fuck you donkeys!!!
  10. Meta4iCAL

    Stealers @ Raiders

    We're gonna die
  11. Meta4iCAL

    MNF: Donkeys @ Falcons

    Bitch ass Peyton Manning already threw 3 ints.... fuck you Donkeys and fuck you Peyton Manning! Go Dirty Birds!
  12. Meta4iCAL

    Ticket for tinted windows?

    Anyone (in CA) ever get a ticket for having front tinted windows? Been driving around with my front windows tinted for something like 3-4 years, and finally got my first ticket today. Just wondering if anyone else got one of these tickets. and how they handled it. The cop gave me fix it ticket...
  13. Meta4iCAL

  14. Meta4iCAL


    Siccness administrative staff: Tapatalk no longer seems to be working for Please research and advise at your earliest convenience. Respectfully, Meta
  15. Meta4iCAL

    Where's the props???

    What the fuck? :siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness: :(
  16. Meta4iCAL

    Fuck you Raiders!!!!

    So I just got home from the game... I'm fucking drunk as shit and pissed off. I try not to let football games affect me too much... but I can't help it this time. This loss has me pretty fucking depressed... we had the division in our fucking hands... and we couldn't take advantage of the...
  17. Meta4iCAL

    Buying a house

    How many of the brehgoons here are homeowners? I'm currently looking to buy a home. Already pre-approved and looking. Might even put in an offer tomorrow night. I'm shitting bricks though. I'm excited but hella nervous, just because it's such a huge investment, plus I keep second guessing and...
  18. Meta4iCAL

    J. Cole - Cold World: The Sideline Story

    Anyone fuckin with this? I just listened through it a little bit, sounded cool 01. Intro (Produced By J. Cole) [01:23] ▐███▌ ▐███▌ 02. Dollar And A Dream III [04:43]...
  19. Meta4iCAL

    The 90's babies trying to take over the NFL

    If they start wearing skinny jeans on the field... I fucking quit
  20. Meta4iCAL

    The Official Oakland Raiders 2011 Season Thread

    oh yup... it's that time _nSKIJvVQI0 I wanna see some dead donkeys all over the field Monday night