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  1. OBIE(IceCold)

    Not much new threads on here

    Whats up yall
  2. OBIE(IceCold)


    i see alot of people with shit under there name like i have peasant, knight and so on, i wanna know how to change that or is there not away too do that?
  3. OBIE(IceCold)

    C-Bo & Yukmouth

    I dont really like c-bo he has some aight shit but i mostly only listen to him because he seems to be on yukmouths shit or yukmouths on his shit most of the time.
  4. OBIE(IceCold)

    NY vs. NJ

    in the NY vs. NJ wasnt some one suppose to be getting hit?
  5. OBIE(IceCold)

    cannibal holocaust and battle royal

    any one have these movies VHS-DVD name your price any one got ichi the killer
  6. OBIE(IceCold)


    What is u guys favorite way to do it? i like to smoke it out of a pip
  7. OBIE(IceCold)

    Looking fo>>X-Raided CDs

    i want Unforgiven, Xorcist so hit me up with a price.
  8. OBIE(IceCold)

    Vertigo CD

    i am looking to buy the Vertigo CD. So if some one could hook me up and give me a price it will be all good
  9. OBIE(IceCold)

    X Raided Psycho Active

    I am looking to buy this cd, so can some one give me a price.
  10. OBIE(IceCold)

    CD i need

    If any one got the Vertigo CD send me a pm or e-mail