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    New forums for posting songs & beats!

    Two new forums have been added for people wanting to post their songs and/or beats. for songs: The Showcase for beats: Beat Shop
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    To clear up any confusion about posting links to pirated material.

    Publicly posting links to pirated or bootlegged material, serial numbers, registration information, etc is NOT ALLOWED. However, nobody can stop you from telling people what you have to offer and that they can PM you for a link to the download. This forum stays clean and 100% legitimate. No...
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    Do you associate Pac with Los Angeles or the bay?

    There's a thread in the BART forum talking about what rappers put the bay area on the map... One of the comments posted in there was this: Based on how Pac presented himself, do you associate him with Los Angeles or the bay area? We all know he lived in New York and other cities so no need...
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    To prevent people from filling the forum with posts asking the same questions over & over & over, USE THE FORUM SEARCH OPTION BEFORE you post! We don't mind helping cats out and giving advice but since there's already a ton of information readily available in the message archives, using the...
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    Use this thread is you're selling, looking for, or wanting to trade. Don't post serial #'s, registration keys/codes, etc publically.
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    Read the forum annoucement titled "REMINDER for anyone posting beat/song/audio links!". This forum is for topics related to studio, equipment, production, recording, mixing, etc ONLY. It IS NOT a place for people to spam 'peep my beats' posts, beef/drama/shit-talking, or anything else like...
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    @DJ Mark 7

    What's with the picture of the cat wearing a lime-helmet? Don't tell me that's your cat? lol
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    Advertisments for studio's, duplication, misc. services, here ONLY!

    Feel free to advertise your services in this thread only.
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    WEB LINKS in this thread ONLY!

    Since there are a number of people posting up web links to various audio sample archives, information and what-not, this thread will be used strickly for that purpose. Web links posted as new threads WILL BE DELETED. Audio links to your own music must be posted in the AUDIO LINK thread ONLY...
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    He's on the run!!
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    Benzino.. Going for MALE GROUPIE OF THE YEAR award?

    If so, he deserves to win. I can't think of anyone else who dedicates so much of his time & resources to obssess over other men. His committment to providing 50 Cent and Eminem with free publicity and media attention are unparalleled! With each edition of The Source, Benzino generously gives...
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    @Cool Nutz

    If I remember right, a while back you said that Jus Family was going to be doing a magazine. If that's correct, is it still going down?
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    New Mista FAB interview.

    When is FAB's new interview gonna come out?
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    The Federation produced by Rick Rock.

    Is there a release date for their album yet?
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    This ain't about SLR news but since the homie knew a whole lot of cats in the town I figured I'ld post this since some of you might know him. The homie Alfie Mitchell got shot in the head last night and passed. They know who did it and all I can say is the mutha fucka ain't going to get...
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    Cats need to accept that rappers have a shelf-life and some are past their expiration date.
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    Forum FAQ's.

    What FAQ's do you cats think would be most beneficial to the forum? Obviously nobody can break the whole game down for you but what would you like to see in the way of FAQ's? A beginners faq? Glossary and terms? Definately a faq that explains what the job titles mean. That has been a very...
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    We are going to be cleaning this place up and getting it better organized so it will be more usable for everyone. More will be posted about this soon but you cats can start helping right now by using the thread specifically for posting audio. It's a 'vital' thread which means it will always...
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    Someone hacked lol Computer nerds 1 RIAA 0
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    Why the FUCK is Tupac....

    Why the fuck is Tupac featured on Ja Rule's new album? For that matter, why is Tupac featured in a number of new songs which he never participated in? What's next, Christina Aguilera featuring Tupac? Britney Spears featuring Tupac? N'Sync featuring Tupac? Wouldn't suprise me if it's already...