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    5D Mark iii or 6D? Opinions?

    I'm going to upgrade from the crop sensor (7D) to a full frame and I just wanna get some opinions from any one with either of those cameras. Thanks in advance..
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    NEW VIDEO "LAUGHIN" Doe The Unknown Rapper outta Fairfield

    2Z9p7Rv1ujg Off his new release "Outa Nowhere" track produced by Frankie Fingaz video by Money L for Edit Bay Films
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    Baby Pit pics...

    My boys dog...3 months old.
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    Dell XPS 9100 and CS5 Premier Pro question

    Can anyone explain to me why this shit is laggin so much? Its a 64 bit i7-930 with 8gs ram, Nvidia G310 512 video card and its runnin horrible to edit HD video from a canon 7D. it runs fine with no effects but as soon as I apply something the video gets slowed down and starts to irritate the...
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    Avid Liquid 7? Rain i7?

    Is anyone familiar with this program? Have anything to say good or bad about it? Rain i7 laptop? I'm looking to get a new computer for video editing and I know they're designed for music production but does anyone have any experience with it in video editing?? I've been looking at a Mac Book...
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    Random Pictures..Canon 7D

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    New Mouthpiece music off "The Blue Beam Project" Free D/L

    This the first track off the Blue Beam Project. "Blue Beam Neauvine" Produced by Frankie Fingaz -Mouthpiece the Miracle
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    San Quinn contact info?????

    If you got his number can u please shoot it to me.. Thanks -MP
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    Do you have Contact or Booking info for The Jacka?

    Thanks. -Mouthpiece
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    Better studio Sub woofer-Krk or event s100?

    I have Event ASP 6 inch monitors,which one should I go with? Anyone familiar with either? thanks,Mouthpiece
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    G5 mac question

    Long story short, i got the computer second hand.When I turn it on it goes through its startup but then it freezes up and says that I need to restart it. Does anybody know what the problem might be? If its a matter of re-installing the OS disk,how do I do that without it letting me get to...
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    If you got any shows you need a slot for...

    please let me know ,I'm trying to get on,5,10,15 minute sets,whatever thanks,Mouthpiece
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    Can I get some feedback on a mix?

    "I QUIT" Thanks,Mouthpiece
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    pics from our show @ THE BLOCK in Lake tahoe

    Mouthpiece,Krypto & Indo Doe & Mouthpiece Lil Sin & Knoqtain Mouthpiece KB Lil Sin & Mouthpiece We had The Block crackin all weekend.No drama at all and cats went through a gang bottles and blunts..good times in south lake tahoe! we're hittin the chico area next month!
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    Can someone Design me a logo

    I been burnt once for $100 from some prick on here so if someone can do it,it would be greatly appreciated.thanks-hit my pm with a price qoute logo- N V ENTERTAINMENT if no takers can someone point me in the direction of what program I need
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    Live in Tahoe March 17th @ THE BLOCK

    Live In Tahoe March 17th
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    Can someone please Design me A 1 sided flyer?

    I need it to be like 8x11.If so hit me with a price and I need this asap.
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    Joe meek 1 Q-can anyone speak on it?

    thinking bout pickin it up does any one have any info on it?good or bad,thanks
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    Mackie D8B-good buy or not?

    i have the oppurtunity to pick one up dirt cheap let me know if this a good choice? thanks in advance,Mouthpiece