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  1. Ant-1

    More than 250 CDs on eBay (some rare ones)

    Hi, I just listed a lot of CDs on eBay :
  2. Ant-1

    A few CDs for sale on eBay (RARE)

    Big Dank - The Hood Has Raised Me Bohn - Strapped For The Season Cold World Hustlers - Ice Land (OG Press on Cold World Records) Deco-D - The Soul Taker Mista Bossmann - Pimp or Die' One Gud Cide - Look What The Streets Made Playa G - Pimp Shit PlayBoy 7 - Whore (XXX Cover) STN - Game Stress...
  3. Ant-1

    CDs and tapes for sale :siccness:
  4. Ant-1


    1. Intro 2:21 2. When We Ride 4:15 3. Gram Afta Gram 4:39 4. Getcha Off'd 4:00 5. Stop Calling...
  5. Ant-1

    A few CD's on eBay (BHP, VOS, Point Blank, Big Toine)

    Heres the link :
  6. Ant-1

    Gimisum Army on eBay
  7. Ant-1

    My ebay auctions

    Tryin' to get rid of a few CDs...
  8. Ant-1

    3 CDs I'm looking for...

    Sup yall, Im looking for these CDs in good condition, without promo stamp/saw cut/punch hole : Kinfolks - They Ain't Know'n Black Rhino - Point Blank Game Cellmates - Big Ballin Send me a PM if u want to sell one of em and I'll make you an offer...
  9. Ant-1

    Playa G - Pimp Sh*t question...

    Sup y'all, I just wanted to know what is the color of the CD on the OG release of dat classic ? Thanks.
  10. Ant-1

    Wanted : Memphiz Undaground Hustlaz

    Sup y'all I'm lookin' for this CD in good condition, without saw cut or hole in barcode. I you got it for sale, PM me...
  11. Ant-1

    My wantlist

    Sup y'all, I'm actually looking for these CDs in good condition : C-BO - Gas Chamber (OG Release black cover) Young Cellski - Mr. Predicter (OG Release) Northern Expozure Vol. 1 (OG Release) Young Ed - Time To $tack (OG Release) Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep (OG Release) Nonfiktion - Creative...
  12. Ant-1


    Sup y'all, I'm looking for these CDs : 1st Degree & Deep Sleep - Mental Prison Tha Cellmates - Big Ballin' R.O.A. - G 4 Life Dush Tray - The Coldest Memphiz Undaground Hustlaz Volume 1 I can use paypal. Post up or PM me if anybody got these for sale...
  13. Ant-1

    Playboy 7 - Whore (Clean Cover)

    Anybody got it for sale ?