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    Suggestions! Who do I play this week?

    I have Santonio Holmes, T.J. Houshamazilli, marques colston, randy moss, and jerricho cotchery all on my fantasy team, and can only play 3 of them what shold i do?
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    Looks like Ricky Got stomped pretty good!

    I'm not sure if this was intentional but this guy god stopped out
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    Any Prediction on this Years WSOP Main Event?

    does anybody have any thoughts on the world series this year. my boy won a seat at a sattelite tournament so he will be there. his name is jason lovett. look out for him he has a huge field to play through but he is really good. i'm rooting for him.
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    CYCO or TAY you know anything about C-BO ending beef with g-unit

    I don't know if you seen the post on BART but i was curious for some inside news got any info on that situation?
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    Aint heard anything about Bang'em and Domonation lately

    anyone got any info on any of their music coming out? or if theyre out of jail and whatnot
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    Bun B Trill Sales?

    Does anyone know the official sales for BUn B's Trill and Pimp C's sweet james jones story