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  1. Silas

    Sound Design book

    dont know if this has been posted... but i came across very helpful book for those wanting to learn about synthesis over at the books called "How to make a noise: Free Book" and you can grab it here covers most synthesis methods * FM * additive synthesis...
  2. Silas

    What Happened to the HARD TRUTH SOLDIERS TOUR???

    when are we gonna get some new tour dates??
  3. Silas

    Zion I's live performance...

    had the opportunity to see Zion I live last night... to my surprise they had a drummer up there on the kit , C. Holiday was on stage all night , kev choice was live on the keys beside zumbi the whole show & played a very solid but short opening set ... great performance, a step beyond those...
  4. Silas

    i need a step up from my fast track pro....M-audio NRV10 ??

    i have had my fast track pro for a while.l.. no complaints, but im feeling like i need to step up to something larger with more channels. the M-audio NRV10 looked like what i need... pretty pricey at $700, is it a good buy?? for $500 you can...
  5. Silas

    STREET SWEEPERS will be the best album this year

    Tom Morello on guitar ...of Rage against the machine/audioslave.was ranked #26 on Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" Stanton Moore on drums ... known for his part in the funk band Galactic. one of the funkiest drummers alive Boots Riley on all the lyrics and...
  6. Silas

    new Digital Underground

    Digital Underground - ....Cuz A DU Party Dont Stop whos got it? ill have to listen to it a few more times before i pass judgement .. it was cool to hear Ray Luv & Ant DOG on that live recording though
  7. Silas

    build a computer

    i have been messing around recording with my laptop for the past year, but i need to step my game up and get a new machine... help me build a computer strictly for music.... i need to be able to run a pile of vst's i record through an external soundcard... i dont need to run any video games...
  8. Silas

    Devin the Dude "do what you wanna do" sample ?

    who's song is it?
  9. Silas

    Bay Area Guitar Tabs ??

    n2deep - back 2 the hotel ? richie rich - side show ? the coup? is it possible to find guitar tabs for any of these songs ? or any other bay tracks? if so... post em up!
  10. Silas

    Bored Stiff - new album JUNE 26

    i was at and noticed that there is a release date for a new Bored Stiff album its about time!
  11. Silas

    anyone in here use Traktor ? midi controller?

    ive been addicted to this for the past 2 weeks i think i need a midi controller though... the mouse just doesnt cut it any suggestions? i was thinking of getting the "m-audio x-session" for about $125
  12. Silas

    which The Coup songs is T-KASH On?

  13. Silas

    How come nobody is gettin beats from Paris??

    he's one of the tightst producers in the bay.... we need a San Quinn & Tommie KASH track!
  14. Silas

    has anyone ordered from

    would you recommend buying from them? anyone had any problems?
  15. Silas

    Which songs did Tone Capone produce for scarface/rap-a-lot?

    only one i know off the top is 'georgy' from Devin The dude what else ?
  16. Silas

    Go Dumb every Saturday in Vancouver.... lol , these guys are tryin a little too hard

    this hyphy shit is spreading... "Yadadamean!! Every single Saturday Party Killahs & Street Knowledge bring you Go Dumb! Saturdays @ The Columbia....You might see a cutty of yours take they shirt off and start turf dancin'' on top the stage!! That''s what the ladies like.. GET STUPID, GO DUMB!!!"
  17. Silas

    is KAM still dropping on guerilla funk? all the songs on there say "hereafter records" i was hoping id here him on some Paris Beats!
  18. Silas

    Silk-E from the coup / Silk-E ft. San Quinn..... same pearson? is that the same Silk-E that sings with the coup? at their concert this summer boots said Silk-E has an album coming soon, anyone know when its supposed to be out?
  19. Silas

    Who is BART sleepin on?

    theres a lot of good music comin out that gets no mention on here what are artists do you think Bart is sleepin on?
  20. Silas

    WANTED : A-Wax - Concepts & Contradictions

    anyone have one they'd sell??