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  1. chill winston


    Anyone ever go see comedy here? It's a badass spot... Seeing Joe Rogan n Joey Diaz tonight BOOM :cool:
  2. chill winston

    Freeway Rick Ross live now on uStream w/ Joe Rogan talkin shit
  3. chill winston


    they started this up again.. im baked watchin this shit now. anyone watch this when it was on a while back? I cant watch sometimes when they eat weird shit Joe Rogan is the fucking man, too. If you listen to his comedy or podcast he gets high as fuck while on the show.
  4. chill winston

    Gucci Mane feat. Birdman - Mouth Full of Gold [prod. by Drumma Boy]
  5. chill winston


    excuse makers n cryabbaby suckholes dont deserve threads or playin pro football
  6. chill winston

    GUCCI released from Fulton County jail today (vid)

    J2JKje1TWQk lol @ shawty Lo holding on to Gucci nuts for dear life to keep his career afloat
  7. chill winston

    This dude is RAW... woodstock shit

    yall prolly cant appreciate shit like this uQYDvQ1HH-E
  8. chill winston

    NEW Gucci Mane feat. Ludacris - Atlanta Zoo (off Burrprint2HD April 13th) luda ripped that shit
  9. chill winston

    DJ Drama Boss Of All Bosses 2 & Cocaine Muzik 4 Gangsta Grillz

    dL or listen @
  10. chill winston

    WELL DAYUM Shawty Redd Arrested for Murder

    yall heard about this??
  11. chill winston

    Lil Wayne ft. EMINEM - Drop the World
  12. chill winston

    LOL you hear Tiger Woods gon change his name now?

    yea to a Lion Cheeta!! AAAHAHAHAAHAHAA :siccness:
  13. chill winston

    Weezy bout to go to jail for 8 months

    Lil Wayne will be forced to plead out to a jail term in New York City on Thursday, according to sources with The rapper is expected to accept an 8-month bid in jail over his alleged involvement with a loaded .40-caliber pistol gun found on his tour bus in 2007 while in New...
  14. chill winston

    JEEZY - Trap or Die II (prod. by Zaytoven)
  15. chill winston

    The Official "My Team is fucking LOST" thread

    lemme just get this out once n I'll be aight Yea we all know the Cleveland Browns aint doing shit this yr but I'm from cleveland so fuck off fuck pussy ass brandon mcdonald He look like a bitch tryin to tackle... TRYING to tackle fucking get low bitch you need to get the basics straight...
  16. chill winston

    Get ya titts out!!

    thyV6G0K_2A watch tha whole thing... gold
  17. chill winston

    Snoop goin at Wayne?

    DO double G takin shots at Wayne? **shrug**Song go hard regardless.. yo7v94z4KWU "watch yo mouth, never speak on what you not know/ im from the west coast, ill turn his face into a pot hole/ 15's beating, niggas creepin, in the tahoe/ lets see you act macho/ when i pull this burner on ya...
  18. chill winston


    HAHAHAHAA :siccness:
  19. chill winston

    WOW: Gucci makes it on MTVs Top MC list, Eminem doesn't!

    check Weezy's reaction lol his eyes get all wide 'who? Gucci Mane?' then the nigga tried to play it off like "shout out to my nigga Gucci" Hhahahaha haaha please, you were just as shocked as we were. You know damn well Gucci don't belong on that list, especially over Eminem
  20. chill winston

    movie "Click" with Adam Sandler

    I thought it was gonna be kinda lame but sarted watchin that shit n it was a good fuckin movie.