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  1. DeceptaKhan

    Pearl Jam Twenty

    very nice cant wait
  2. DeceptaKhan

    The Brothers of Chico Dusty - Big Boi Vs. The Black Keys

    black keys fuckin blow
  3. DeceptaKhan


    me too,something really attractive about the creepy symmetry.its like straight taggers made love to see a compilation of death black metal logos
  4. DeceptaKhan

    Battlefield 2 :Vietnam

    anyone playin this new expansion pack?i fuckin love it,brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise
  5. DeceptaKhan

    Brutal Death Metal/goregrind/pornogrind

    ...uh wow
  6. DeceptaKhan

    sports radio

    what are some good sport radio shows all i know is 1050 am which is live sports iv realized i love listenin to sports talk and sports game while driving around
  7. DeceptaKhan

    no TOOL in itunes store?!?!

    i guess im only missin one of there albums and i guess it doesnt surprise me that tool would conform for the man
  8. DeceptaKhan

    no TOOL in itunes store?!?!

    what the fuck is this bullshit.i jus wanted to complete my tool collection and cant find them on itunes,i know i can buy there cd's but fuck i want it now. im willing to pay them for there music but if they wont let me i guess ill look for some torrents
  9. DeceptaKhan


    xbox arcade game fuckin dope avant noir game <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  10. DeceptaKhan

    Games on Mac

    i used to be all into pc online games bout 10 years ago,ever since iv jus resorted to my xbox for my vid addiction.but ever since i got this macbook pro im really curious if there are any games worth gettin on this thing.
  11. DeceptaKhan

    Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, dead at 38

    there was an interview way way back where the lead singer was talkin about how he overdosed on coke twice before he was 16,and that the bassist was still a huge fan of the white girl.
  12. DeceptaKhan

    Deftones Diamond Eyes

    yall herd of team sleep? perfect circle is to tool as team sleep is to deftones chino singin over more electro stuff with a dj all good stuff
  13. DeceptaKhan


    there new album is magical,not as hard and fast,but still very good,there tryin a new style oh and what constitutes math rock?
  14. DeceptaKhan

    Gonja Sufi

    ya im lovin his shit...well some of it
  15. DeceptaKhan

    lookin to hang up more art

    i just realized that i dont have enough art hangin up on my walls,do yall know some dope sites to get some big prints,hip hop inspired stuff,i know turntablelab and thats about it.i love doze green style stuff but im jus lookin for anything dope lookin
  16. DeceptaKhan

    BURNING MAN crazy ass live webcam of burning man so much crazy shit goin on there right now
  17. DeceptaKhan

    calling siccness electricians

    i know the siccness consist of alot of blue collar workers,have a couple questions for an electrician concerning generators connected to houses.wont get all nerdy,but if anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated
  18. DeceptaKhan

    Bands similiar to Maroon 5

    death fag for cutie?
  19. DeceptaKhan

    any one got ableton live 8 for download?

    Iv been lookin around but cant find shit i really wanna get this ever since the apc 40 came out anyone got it?or know where to get it? aint no way im payin 900 bucks for software
  20. DeceptaKhan

    optimize yo search results

    what are the tricks to optimize your search results like if you wanted a certain download youd enter:";site timbaland" or something like that or search for certain stuff with the correct backing like ".rar".pdf" im pretty sure my examples are wrong,who else got the hook up