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  1. Superfly Snuka

    Masked Shooter Fires on Rap Video Crew Filming in Fairfield, 4 Wounded

    Who’s video shoot was this ? Masked Shooter Fires on Rap Video Crew Filming in Fairfield, 4 Wounded
  2. Superfly Snuka

    Keak da Sneak shot last night

    Keak got shot last night. Pray for a speedy recovery 🙏🏼
  3. Superfly Snuka

    Where are my syrup sippers at?

    Anyone ever poured up with peach faygo?
  4. Superfly Snuka

    Free tickets to see Philthy Rich in San Jose on March 5th ($40 value)

    I have two tickets to Philthy Rich's show tomorrow night in san jose (3/5/15) I paid $20 each for them, your price...Free Hit me on the DM and they are yours!
  5. Superfly Snuka

    This homeless guy spits bars

    Somebody should get him in the studio pDL57_Ylzx0 HOMELESS MAN RAPPING ON CHICAGO SUBWAY GOT BARS! - YouTube
  6. Superfly Snuka

    welcome to county

    Oakland Doctors Produce ‘Welcome To County’ Rap Video To Publicize Hospital Funding Needs « CBS San Francisco
  7. Superfly Snuka

    Today in Antioch...

  8. Superfly Snuka

    Exclusive! Kafani Breaks Silence on Being Shot 5 Times

    Exclusive! Kafani Breaks Silence on Being Shot 5 Times
  9. Superfly Snuka

    Lavish D - Baller Blockin: Based On a True Story

    Anyone else got this yet? It slaps...Ive been having it on replay
  10. Superfly Snuka

    Orange is the new Black - A Netflix only series.

    Anyone else catch the first season? Its AWESOME! From the creator of Weeds. nryWkAaWjKg
  11. Superfly Snuka

    Top bay area 2012 videos

    who got the most hits? Is it possible someone got 4+ million views?
  12. Superfly Snuka

    San quinn and william breed form the super group the m.o.e

    SAN QUINN AND WILLIAM BREED FORM THE SUPER GROUP THE M.O.E SETTLE FOR LESS IS THE FIRST SINGLE OFF THE EP THAT WILL BE IN STORES 3/19/2013 q5XzqIB_cZ0#! is it me or are they out of thier fucking mind calling this a "super group", the only thing they got going is quinn, thank god its only an...
  13. Superfly Snuka

    Melky Cabrera Reportedly Signs 2-Year Deal with Toronto Blue Jays

    Melky Cabrera Reportedly Signs 2-Year Deal with Toronto Blue Jays | Bleacher Report It's been a wild week for MLB north of the border. The Toronto Blue Jays have reportedly struck a two-year, $16 million deal with free-agent outfielder Melky Cabrera on Friday, capping a wild week of roster...
  14. Superfly Snuka

    New Bay Album w/ a Mac Dre it new?

    (2012) C-Bo Presents Sinic Da Great & Booda Ty - Felony On Felony 2 No Bail 01-Hood To Hood (feat. WC) 02-Part of the Game Pt 2 (feat C-Bo) 03-Feeling Outside Myself (feat G.A.N) 04-Who's My Opponent (feat J Real) 05-Crazy (feat. Klepto) 06-Getting Money (feat. AP9 & Ryda J.Klyde) 07-No Doubt...
  15. Superfly Snuka

    Fuck slangin crack!

    its time to slang twinkies...$100 for ten on ebay! Hostess Twinkies 1 Box of 10 Individually Packaged Sponge Cakes | eBay
  16. Superfly Snuka


    Call me, Heard u lost ur phone. I DM'd u the #
  17. Superfly Snuka

    Patriots cut Ochocinco...Raiders? Now that he is a free agent, and likely a cheap one after his dismal year last year, should he reunite with Palmer in Oakland? We are already too deep at WR, so it may not even be an...
  18. Superfly Snuka

    PS3 with 12 Games 3 wireless Controllers and Sony Move

    I am selling my PS3 system that I no longer use. Its like new in full working order Come with 3 Wireless controllers 2 Sony PS Move Controllers and Camera HDMI Cable Power Cable Controller Charging Cable 12 Games: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Call of Duty MW3 Call of Duty Black Ops...
  19. Superfly Snuka

    Where do I take my 19 y/o nephew for his birthday?

    I am going to be spending the day with my nephew celebrating his 19th birthday next Saturday. Im trying to think of places I should take him that would be cool. Money is not an issue, we can do anything. Can you guys help me with some good ideas? So far I have thought of a few potential ideas...
  20. Superfly Snuka

    AK-47 Presents Pittsburg Pirates (Hosted by DJ Rack$)

    AK-47 Presents Pittsburg Pirates (Hosted by DJ Rack$) *Warning* Do not waist your money, better yet your time on this piece of shit. The worst album I got in years. Id rather listen to silence in solitary confinement.