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  1. layziemarv

    Felony - Hustlers Ball

    I find this amusing felony hustlers ball | eBay
  2. layziemarv


    Sup fellas, this is a 10 team league. Post here to be added and I will send you an invite. 1. layziemarv 2. MIGGZILLA24 3. killahoe666 4. N$$J RYDA 408 5. MaC A$$ ViC 6. Lamberto Quintero 7. Rossibreath 8. Defy 9. BruhGoon Squad 10. [email protected] #1 League ID#: 864827 League...
  3. layziemarv

    San Diego Rap Sale

    Going to be listing gradually my entire San Diego Rap Collection for sale that I have left. Check back often as I will be updating daily. *make offers here or via pm* any questions contact via email 12 Gauge Shotie - SoCalifornia 12 Gauge Shotie - Co-Defendants A-Hit Gangsta - All Things...
  4. layziemarv

    CDs/tapes for sale on Amazon At a Glance: 5TAR DEALS 4U
  5. layziemarv

    G.G. - Tha Plug

    2015 Wrongkind Ingles/Tha Wrongkind Records Ft. Sean Deez, Mak 90, V8, Ric Nutt, Ise B, Compton Menace, and more.
  6. layziemarv

    Lil Gangsta Ern - Young Flyhigh & Gangsta

    2015 Younglife Innertainment Ft. Jay Swift, Yung Kapo Kapone, Southeast Kurt, Ern Money, Black Mikey, Lil Chally Wally, Moxley, Mack Far, and Nando Da Commando.
  7. layziemarv


    Sup everyone, Been awhile since I had some stuff up for sale here. Getting rid of my entire collection. They all need new homes. You'll see some rare CDs and cassettes. I'll keep adding inventory and updating this thread as stuff gets sold. I'm open to offers and giving out great deals. Need to...
  8. layziemarv

    Feddy Da Sneak

    Old shit but still goes FEDDY DA SNEAK FT STU HUSTLAH & YOUNG BOSSI - GRIND WIT YA - YouTube
  9. layziemarv

    D Valley - Struggle ft. Young Bossi
  10. layziemarv


    TTMF- "I'm Ridin" (Official Video) - YouTube cats from San Mateo
  11. layziemarv

    IceJJFish - On The Floor (Official Music Video)

    ICE JJ FISH "On The Floor" **OFFICIAL** - YouTube
  12. layziemarv

    Powder High Apparel

    Sup everyone, please checkout my homie's snowboarding/urban clothing line Powder High Apparel - Ski Snowboard Clothing Brand Just trying to promote their brand. :siccness:
  13. layziemarv

    F.T.S. - Full Time Soldiers

    F T s Full Time Soldiers 1998 Extremely RARE Seattle G Funk | eBay
  14. layziemarv

    Any info on this?

    Lil Gene A K A The Sandman The World Is A Cemetery Beyond RARE Seattle G Funk | eBay
  15. layziemarv

    G-Slimm - Four's Deuce's & Trays

    Just want to verify what pressing I have. Thanks in advance fellas
  16. layziemarv

    Yoey - Emotions Of A Hustler

    Some slappage!
  17. layziemarv

    Big Toine - Peep Game

    I thought this was a tape only release. This buyer is saying it also came out on CD. Just curious if this is an official press CD? Dear layziemarv, Wassup! I'm writing you to ask if you have Big Toine - Peep Game CD realese for sell ? Please let me know. Thanks for your time Jero -...
  18. layziemarv

    Mac Dre - Young Black Brotha The Album

    Alright fam, I just came up on a sealed copy of this and was contemplating if I should've left the plastic seal just for the hell of it. But I couldn't resist to find out if it was the Blue or Silver top OG disc. I opened it and here are the pics for everyone's reference. I just emailed fellow...
  19. layziemarv

    Can I say goddamn!

    12manrambo | eBay That Big Shell went $500 more than what I expected. I remember selling that tape for $80 to a siccness member a couple years ago...
  20. layziemarv

    T-Mo - Tribal Groove

    t-mo tribal groove | eBay represses?