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  1. Mike Manson


    The US is like a retarded privileged kid...
  2. Mike Manson


    God damn...y'all fucked up. And I was planning on taking my family on a vacation to the north-west...maybe next decade...
  3. Mike Manson

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Joe Biden a fool...
  4. Mike Manson


    lol wut
  5. Mike Manson


    Kinda sounds like an album consisting of throwaway tracks from his last six albums...
  6. Mike Manson

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Aye! Yeah, moved back two years ago. China is back up running, but they used Corona to set up total control. I'm just glad we do not have fucktards like Trump running our country. I've been working through this shit the whole time. Not much has changed but kids going crazy at home...hope y'all...
  7. Mike Manson


    Just drink or inject some bleach like Trump told you to...
  8. Mike Manson


    All schools closed over here. Luckily my wife works from home... This shit is slowly destroying the company I work for though. German government said they will provide unlimited loans to companies in trouble, but still...
  9. Mike Manson

    Bad Azz-R.I.P.

    Damn, met him in 99 when he was on tour with Snoop and No Limit. Cool ass dude. RIP
  10. Mike Manson


    Didn't Y-Dresta get roasted bad on here back in the day? I think his name was changed to Gay-Dresta...
  11. Mike Manson

    White people

    Idiocracy looks more and more like a documentary from the future...
  12. Mike Manson

    Husalah x Mekanix - Buat My Money (Official Video)

    I like it. Big Awax fan, but I don't get involved in politics. Song is good...I'll slap it again!
  13. Mike Manson

    Twisted Insane 6nineteen OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

    Dope. Not a fan of the horror movie raps...hope to hear more shit like this from him.
  14. Mike Manson

    Child's Play (2019) New Trailer

    Looks dope!
  15. Mike Manson

    Jewish race/ Judaism

    If fucking birds had human problems it'd be a world war.
  16. Mike Manson

    RIP Nipsey Hussle

    Kodak Black aka special needs Gucci Mane in hiding now...