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  1. DFDoom

    It’s been awhile

  2. DFDoom


  3. DFDoom


    Ghetto Sideburns.
  4. DFDoom

    Keystone Moments with Malice...

    You have not lived until you have viewed this masterpiece... TfPI3EHdPPE
  5. DFDoom

    I can't even front... [MUSIC THREAD]

    ...I still live with my moms. 79qX7l4y-q4 What are you listening to right now? Favorite videos, songs, artists... Post em!
  6. DFDoom

    Social stigma vs the MIR forum

    I have recently found myself in a few situations where people have questioned my ethics/integrity/sanity solely based on the fact that I post on this forum. People ending sentences with "...but you DO post on the MIR forum, so..." Somewhat understood, seeing that most of the people on this...
  7. DFDoom

    Happy birthday, Alicia!

    Our little baby is all growns up. :classic: Love yooou!
  8. DFDoom


    21 today! Show em some love. :classic:
  9. DFDoom


    AKA SEVENOHSAV. My little baby turned 19 today. Yeeeeeeeeeee! :classic:
  10. DFDoom

    Wake up, wake up, wake up...

    It's the first of the mooonth.
  11. DFDoom

    In a few hours...

    Meghan [MACdaddy420] will be 18 years old. Welcome to the club of the no longer desirable to the trolls in this forum [as if that's a bad thing... YEE!] Happy early birthday, sweetie. <3 Hope to see you later this week.
  12. DFDoom

    Happy holidays!

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in this country that still wears wool draws.
  13. DFDoom


    Since the last one died with the old board. New: Sink or Swim. Fish: Touch up.
  14. DFDoom

    Updated photos:

    Since the board got deleted, so did the last thread. POST EM!