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  1. Dugless206

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Any of you shitheads played this shit yet? Ive loved all of the previous Elder Scrolls games but never played a MMORPG. These fuckers want me to fork over 60-80 bucks to download the game on the laptop then like 15 a month too? I need some feedback before I jump on in. Game looks pretty dope...
  2. Dugless206

    HBO's "Luck"

    New series directed by Michael Mann starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. Starts January 29th. Anyone else looking forward to it? Look promising from the previews.
  3. Dugless206

    No NFL teams attend T.O.'s hyped workout No teams attended Terrell Owens' workout in Calabasas, Calif., on Tuesday, but the 37-year-old receiver said he was confident that he showed enough that teams will be interested. The free-agent receiver...
  4. Dugless206

    Trooper to 118 mph Cliff Harris: 'Who’s got the marijuana?'

    s/o to Soco. Go Dawgs! qIXF6E6fmL0 NEAR ALBANY, Ore. – Unedited dashboard camera footage from an Oregon State Police patrol car acquired by KATU News shows a trooper scolding Oregon Ducks stars Cliff Harris and Darron Thomas after pulling them over at 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning in June...
  5. Dugless206

    Wax and Nonstop

    Black Diamond, off NFES 3, two of the best right now far as i gather FM3l8doSj1M
  6. Dugless206


    hopefully dude is in a better place now, kickin it with his buddy Layne. My buddy Travis (formerly of Second Coming) now lead vocals with Post Modern Heroes was a good friend of his. Dude was fighting alot of demons.
  7. Dugless206

    Knockouts and Tapouts 2 - Saturday August 14th Tacoma Elks Club

    Hey I shoulda let you bastards know earlier but if you can make it, there is some big shit goin down at the Tacoma Elks Club on Union Ave Saturday night. 6 boxing and 4 mma fights total. Mike Joy from the WEC and Brad Blackburn From ufc's TUF on the mma card. Two state title bouts on the...
  8. Dugless206

    Seattle Police Officer Punches 17 year old girl for JAYWALKING!

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  9. Dugless206

    Knockouts and Tapouts

    I was gonna post this in the sports forum but since its NW shit im doin it here... My friends first event for his promotion company GUY Promotions is Saturday June 5th 2010. This will be an event featuring Pro MMA and Pro Boxing fights all in the same night! It is at the Renton Communtiy...
  10. Dugless206

    Strong Arm Steady - In Search of Stoney Jackson

    who heard this one yet? im just on first listen but its dope so far
  11. Dugless206

    Who fucks wit Nagaraya?

    Nagaraya is the bizness! I prefer the hot and spicy but adobo is good too
  12. Dugless206

    Who fucks wit Balut?

    anybody ever tried this shit? my phillipino homie at work swears its the truth. "have a Balut with a beer, you gon be strong and ready for a woman," he says. saw the shit on Andrew Zimmerns show, dont know if I could fuck with it A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a...
  13. Dugless206


    saaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy whaaaaaaaaaaatttttt??? hahaha lovin it!
  14. Dugless206

    Neema and Blymm at Floyds

    taken from Blymms myspace page. he confirmed via telephone. can "thearrival" confirm as well? im gonna slide through if its 21 and over and neem's is there too with Blymm aka Dark Nightmare, and my dood Baby C? let me see you there Ryan aka foodb4nk so I can knock you out! July 22, 2009...
  15. Dugless206

    my driver finally won a race!

    fuck u non nascar fans, my driver kasey kahne finally won a race after a year long dry spell. on a road course no less, which he is not very good at traditionally. the pride of enumclaw highschool (besides brian scalabrine haha) back in the chase baby!
  16. Dugless206

    Fallout: New Vegas Announced

    (from A whole new game is on the way. by Erik Brudvig April 20, 2009 - Bethesda has announced a new entrant into the Fallout franchise, subtitled New Vegas. Details are slim at the moment as Bethesda is remaining tight-lipped, but a few bits of information were provided. The game is...
  17. Dugless206

    Blymm- My Title Is

    my boy blymm's fresh out the studio. give it a listen. kenyon st.
  18. Dugless206

    Pendleton Whiskey

    Straight outa Hood River Oregon. Been on this shit for about a year now. Yall should know about this right here. Best Liquor out right now. Anybody else been drinkin on this shit?
  19. Dugless206

    The Ultimate Fighter Semifinals

    damn i was happy to see manny win and make it to the finals. the only problem is my goddamn DVR only recorded the times it records every week, and at the very end of that episode i see that they showed the maynard diaz fight what the fuck happened?? anybody got any video or anything...
  20. Dugless206

    Wrestlers allegedly tied to drug ring

    Wrestlers allegedly tied to drug ring Documents: 'Edge,' 'Hurricane' allegedly ordered HGH • Orton allegedly ordered drugs • Eddie Guerrero died of heart disease, with his enlarged heart (linked to his past anabolic steroid use) being a contributing factor. kurt angle also named amongst others...