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  1. iaoish

    Cobra Kai

    Too bad it's going to be on youtube red instead of netflix or something.
  2. iaoish

    Germany officially went off the rails batshit crazy

    Another sign were in decline and we'll all follow ancient Romes path to the dark ages real soon. BERLIN -- Germany's highest court has decided that people must be allowed to be entered in...
  3. iaoish

    What the fuck Canada!?

    Canadian Mounties arrest 5 naked people after car crash NISKU, Alberta (AP) — Police in Western Canada say they're searching for the naked truth after a bizarre collision on a rural road. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Laurel Scott says officers responded to the report of a car colliding...
  4. iaoish

    Nobody talking about whats happening on evergreen college

    Everybody and their moms is taking crazy pills like they're going out of style and y'all act like it's just another normal day. How has this generation become so retarded? :taco:
  5. iaoish

    Recognize the Kekistani ethnic group

    The Kekistani ethnic group is not recognized for any purpose, such as passports, census data, access to special programs, and many other vital functions. The time has come to recognize the contributions made by the proud kekistani people and invite them into mainstream society by adding this...
  6. iaoish

    No gun? No problem!

    Incredible how he makes these things with such simple tools and materials. Good to know a guy like this in shit hit the fan scenarios. It may have been posted before I've been sleeping
  7. iaoish

    Guardians (Russian Avengers)

    I'll be putin this on my watch list. I mean I fucking werebear with a fucking mini gun!
  8. iaoish

    Lets make America great again!

    Is the well known slogan of Donald Trump but what does he actually mean by that? I've been thinking about this but I have no idea what he means. Does he mean any specific era in time or what? Does he maybe mean the time America was a "super power" ? Dare I say the United States actually never...
  9. iaoish

    Human GMO study begins

    Japan panel greenlights gene editing of human eggs for basic study | The Japan Times Japan panel greenlights gene editing of human eggs for basic study A government bioethics panel on Friday approved gene modifications of fertilized human eggs for basic research purposes, while rejecting the...
  10. iaoish

    RIP Mr. Nice

    Usually I'm not the one for these rip threads but another great one left us yesterday. Yesterday Howard Marks also known as Mr. Nice left this world due to complications of colon cancer at the age of 70. I didn't even know they made a movie about his life but I read his biography which I...
  11. iaoish

    Fuck it! I'm moving to Japan

    Asian Male Porn Stars Are Badly Needed In Japan! | News | The Japanese industry has 70 male porn stars and 10,000 female actresses. It needs your help. Are you currently hunting for a job? Or maybe looking for another career that can revitalize your passion for life? Do you...
  12. iaoish

    The Gate

    Teaser spot Teaser This will be a series with a lot of martial arts with 'The Killer' from the Raid2 and Maddog from the Raid 1&2 Sounds good to me
  13. iaoish

    Ip Man 3

  14. iaoish

    Plastic bags >>> Condoms

    Out here in the Congo
  15. iaoish

    Message from Mac Jesus from beyond the pink

  16. iaoish

    Dead Lands

    Trailer looks really promising, I just hope it didn't show all the action scenes from the entire movie in it LKy7Q50tJ84
  17. iaoish

    Question for the Australian brehs!

    Does it rain in Australia? I mean most of us here on are the northern part of the world and when it rains the rain falls down. So if it rains in Australia it wouldn't fall to the ground but into space, right?
  18. iaoish

    But where yall get your hair done though?

    I'm unsatisfied with my barber for a while now and I just couldn't figure out why. Now I came to realize this barber of mine is just not casual enough. Could any of the sicc goons help a bro out and point me to a decent barber because I'd like a casual haircut for once. Preferably with a scalp...
  19. iaoish

    “Jesus never tapped out." - Fight Church

    XAz2jUOmGlc A new documentary examines the relationship between Christianity and mixed martial arts as it follows a group of pugilistic pastors who would rather beat each other up in the cage than do as Jesus and turn the other cheek. “We’ll just be a couple of God-fearing men...
  20. iaoish

    Chruch is pretty hyphy

    Probably been posted before but I don't care so much.. If I knew church was hyphy like this I would have gone a long long time ago. 5_JmXCNPs6Y ohmhZVjaqQo 4wJqjiy1js8