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    Soul Calibur 4

    How does Namco get away with putting characters like this on the game???
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    Nike Men's Air Max CB 94

    man when are they going to release these again in high tops???
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    best TV shows EVER!!!!

    what are some of your favorite TV shows growin up???? mines Married With Children 90210 Melrose Place Jeff Foxworthy show Baywatch Tales from the Crypt
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    E-mu Mo'Phatt

    I have been makin beats on my DR-5 for years...and am getting really bored with using the same sounds in every beat... is this what I want to change my sounds??? anyone on here using one???
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    The new Lynch still hasnt dropped? I thought it was supposed to come out last Halloween.
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    ? bout a LUNIZ song

    what album was this Luniz song off of the chorus was like.... "Everybody in the house off the alcohol, we about to get it crunk an goin have a ball,yall kick it wit me...." somethin,somethin
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    drug test

    So Im about to get this job & may have to take a drug test. I smoke weed all day everyday...How can I pass the test ? (without quiting)
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    PS3 game

    What's the best game out on the PS3 right now?
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    gameboy micro

    How much do these go for brand new?? How does it compare with the gba SP???
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    facebook vs. myspace

    Im trying to figure out why some people use facebook and over myspace. What makes facebook so good???
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    "murda 4 Hire"

    who was the artist who had that song Murda 4 Hire??? Think he was from Minn. & was fuckin wit siccmade.
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    Chuck Norris

    What was his best movie??? One where he does some martial arts
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    King of Fighters 2006

    Any KOF fans on here??? Got a question about a move with Luise Meyrink. tight game btw
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    how young is too young???

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    Is he still fuckin wit madesicc???
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    Tomb Raider

    How is the new Tomb Raider game??? better than TR Legend???
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    Pirates 3

    Is the new Pirates game any good? I was thinking about renting it(PS3)But I might just buy it on the psp...
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    profile question

    how do you put a pic. under your name whenever you post??
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    is this site legit???
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    PS3 to the internet

    Can someone tell me how to set up a wireless connection?Or even a wired connection...I need to get to the playstation store by Mon. thanks