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    NEW and unheard and rare Mac Dre.

    Found a few Mac Dres that I haven't heard. Most of the time shits posted like this Ive heard the songs or there just rare.My Bad if youve heard the songs don't mean to get yalls hopes up. Theres 2 songs I havent heard and like 10 features that I havent heard. Ill post em all up when i get a...
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    BAY MOTTO remix Tony Tag ft J Diggs, Mac Dre , Rappin 4 Tay

    And no its not a new Dre verse.
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    Well if no ones gonna do it..Bank robbery leaves officer dead

    inShare Vallejo cop shot and killed while pursuing bank robbery suspects By Ton Burchyns Vallejo Times Herald Posted: 11/17/2011 05:53:50 PM PST Updated: 11/17/2011 07:08:53 PM PST Veteran Vallejo police officer killed during pursuit of bank robbery suspects Law enforcement swarm over North...
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    chronicle trailer

    this movie looks pretty sick. comes out feb 3rd nGcwSDNFcsU
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    concord girl found murdered Man this is some fucked up shit.This chick used to be my sisters old room mate. Doesnt say this in the article but according to her parents she was found beaten to death wrapped in a blanket in a closet of...
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    X factor artist

    Man my girl got me watching X factor with her and this dude kills its. Man best of luck to this dude i hope he wins the shit. dYPTS_39I8g
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    can any1 explain this.

    im stumped on crazy question. im sure its something hella obvious but i cant figure out the wordplay on this. Have a crack at it. 3 girls get a hotel room. It cost 30 dollers so they all throw 10 a piece. Later that night the manager says to give them 5 dollers back. The bag boy does not know...
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    RARE Mac Dre Track

    well i dont know if its rare but Ive never heard it befor so i thought i would share. ENJOY..
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    Hadji springer switched it up

    just heard a track with hadji on dude has complety switched his game up and doesnt really fuck with that hello buddy typa flow any more. shit was light weight heaters for hadji.
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    props for a month

    ill prop you every day till the end of march if any1 can find Money Gang Bang fo bread for under 28.00. ive searched every store every site everywhere its come down to this.
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    ok whos trying to sell there mac dre bobble head for 5000

    wtf someone on ebay is trying to sell there mac dre original bobble head for 5000 on ebay claiming there super rare and you cant get them anywhere..ill sell mine for 50 shit
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    Oh NA NA whats my name

    y1QJ_Ruz6xM dont know if its been posted but dude light weight looks like drake.
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    am i only one who thinks this shit is funny,

    havent seen it posted here yet but this kids facial expression and enthusiasm damn near made me shit my pants from laughin. i dunno might jus be me tho.T4ChcMtiiic
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    slap in the trunk question

    ok so i just got 2 12 jl audio comp subs on the super jug. my pockets is kinda low right now focused on movin into this house but my question is that if i copped a off brand nuthing special cheap indash dvd reciever will it affect the subs. what should i be looking for in the specs. and i...
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    Car suggestions not mechanically related

    so after years of not driving after my dui. I just copped a load. my budget was only 2000 g's so mainly i was looking for a car probly around 15 to 20 years old. I managed to copp a 2000 VW Jetta but it looks like a strait bitch car..So my question is how can i fix this..what can i add to it...
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    Do not watch this video Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer canadians cant believe how blind we are. i know that conspiricy theorys are annoying and some are just ridiculous but i thought this was interesting and just looks like theres truth in it. so watch or dont...
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    NEW X-men 2012

    X-men first class all i know is that there including the younger xmen from back in the day like beast storm and cyclops and focusing on Magneto and Pro X
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    Baby can you gigg your so crazy when u gig

    this kids got more gigs then any baby i know and more then half the people i know. hope its not a repost
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    help with a track major props reward

    Im lookin for that song thats 35 min long off of the THizz nation Vol ??sumthin?? I think its called keepin it thizz. i cant find the shit any where online and i lost my Cds. if you can find it and post a link ill jugg it with major props
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    Does any one remember that Robin Williams Robert Deniro move awakening. i watched that shit last nite and its a great true story movie but that shit was depressing as fuck. i wish i never watched it although I strongly recommend it. It was nominated for a academy award in 1990.