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  1. nolettuce

    Steam Summer Sale 2017

    Steam Search
  2. nolettuce

    Steam sale through 12/1

    Welcome to Steam
  3. nolettuce

    Fear the Walking Dead

    Pretty decent pilot if you're a fan of the regular series. Knowing that they don't know anything is a great angle.
  4. nolettuce

    Diablo 3 PC

    Anyone? Halfro#1523
  5. nolettuce

    Valve Complete Pack 75% Off - Steam

    Save 75% on Valve Complete Pack on Steam $24.99 includes: Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Portal Portal 2 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Half-Life Half-Life 2 With DLC and expansions.
  6. nolettuce

    2K Publisher Weekend - PC

    2K Steam Sales Civilization V: Complete $16.49 Borderlands 2: GoTY $9.99 Bioshock Triple Pack $10.19
  7. nolettuce

    Black Jesus

    Had that Boondocks vibe in a live action setting. Not sure why Aaron McGruder just didn't continue both.
  8. nolettuce


    Sony Online Entertainment "forgot" to renew their domain names. Someone is getting fired.
  9. nolettuce

    Steam Summer Sale

    Tons of deals, new ones daily. Welcome to Steam
  10. nolettuce

    Diablo 3 (PC)

    Looking for anyone wanting to do T5/6 rifts. Halfro#1523
  11. nolettuce

    D3: RoS

    I'm actually enjoying this. First game (or expansion) that I've clucked out on in a long time.
  12. nolettuce

    Binding of Isaac

    Great game if you've never heard of/played it. Hope Rebirth is as addicting. Rebirth Trailer