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    Hold Up..BaH BuH BumP BumP..Hey Look Here

    I just checked Raptalk for the first time in a few months and I didn't see any forum section. Do they still have a board there?
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    ...To Boston

    Anyone watch that Red Eye show on Fox News? If not, tune in. It comes on late at night and it's fairly entertaining (hell, just about all of their shows are entertaining and informative).
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    SouthWest That Is

    Excuse me if I'm late, but I just heard that Walk It Out Remix and I must say that that Andre guy came real nice. It's been a while since I've heard anyhing from him.
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    Like Martin Did Gina

    Martin Lawrence had one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. He found the perfect median between humor that was urban/black culture oriented, but yet understood, enjoyed and accepted by mainstream America. Jamie Fox tried to replicate it, but his show was straight goofoid (his slapstick shit was...
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    Stay Surfing Not Skiing

    From Surfing To Skiing Sunny Garcia Goes to Jail Uncle Sam Punishes Uncle Sunny: Sunny Garcia Sentenced to Three Months for Tax Evasion. Former surfing World Champion Sunny Garcia is going to Federal Prison for not paying his taxes, and if he is going to Lompoc as U.S. District Judge Thomas...
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    A Family Affair, A Toast To The Bay

    I suggest that Siccness Members designate a date in which all members log on to the site and attempt to break the previous "Most Users Online" record. I believe the record stands at somewhere around 500 plus users and was established some time in the wee hours of the morning on January 27, 2005...
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    Hippy Hip Hop

    MURS - MURS Rules the World Netherworlds - Pals King Concepts + Kirby Dominant Konceptual Dominance - Savage Intelligence Rifleman - Kclas'sixx Vol. 2 The Workers Union - A Story By DJ D Afterlife Records - The Declaration of an Independent Afterlife Records - Welcome to the Afterlife...
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    Clips/Suns Series

    Who do you like?
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    How about them Clips?

    They're looking real nice. They have balanced scoring and a deep bench. The lakes are in trouble.
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    Is Izakane from SAC?

    Let me know. Who did the production on this shit?
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    BET Movie

    Anyone catch that Snoop flick? If so, what was your impression?
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    Quote an athlete

    Have any favorite quotes? "When I was in prison I was wrapped up in all those deep books. That Tolstoy crap, people shouldn't read that stuff." "Whiteboy you couldn't last a day in my life..I'll fuck you until you love me.." Or something to that effect. Both are Iron Mike.
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    What can brown do for you?

    Do you find any racial undertones in this statement? I personally feel that they're saying, "How can our little Hispanic employees service you? What can they do to make your WASP life easier?" If I worked there I'd be thinking about filing a lawsuit immediately. What do you think? Am I reading...
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    College Hoops

    What squads are you pulling for? Any early Final Four predictions?
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    Them Clips

    Baseball has got to be one of the most boring games to watch. It's right up there with soccer and hockey. Even the playoffs, which are generally the most exciting times in any sport, are hella boring. Why it's still our national past time is beyond me. On a side note, there needs to be more...
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    Great Names in Sports History

    Can you think of any? Two off the top: God Shamgod, World B. Free
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    Any Republicans? And why?

    Where do you stand in the political world?
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    Any Atheists? And why?

    Where do you stand in the spiritual world?
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    Hello Buddies

    Can someone post the audio to that Bizzy Bone interview becasue all I have is the memory of it. Thank you kindly.