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  1. DaGrimProphet

    RIP 3-2

    I'm hearing word of Mr 3-2's passing from a lot of Houston folks online. This is a sad day for hip hop, particularly the south. RIP
  2. DaGrimProphet

    DaGrimProphet - Just An Introduction (VIDEO)

    I know it aint perfect, but I'm pretty proud considering I did everything for the video myself without professional software or equipment. Once again, produced by my homie @troythemac
  3. DaGrimProphet

    West Coast Mafia appreciation thread

    Post those mob slaps
  4. DaGrimProphet

    Clown the scrub above (2016)

  5. DaGrimProphet

    Classic mobb music thread

  6. DaGrimProphet

    Cooking with grim

    In this new show, Da Grim Prophet teaches you how to prepare his favorite dish; beans on toast! Inspired by the works of Michael Mixerr, a truly artistic gentleman.
  7. DaGrimProphet

    A-Wax and LAMB Getting Punked

    S/O @troythemac for the beat
  8. DaGrimProphet

    Email quote notifications

    When I signed up here it asked if I wanted to receive an email every time I was quoted or mentioned and I said yes. Since then I been through every setting in the user control panel and I can't find the option to disable this. My inbox is just full of these annoying messages. Can anybody help...
  9. DaGrimProphet

    Happy Bday Brehs

    @Gas One @HERESY @Mr. Illmannered Have a good one
  10. DaGrimProphet

    187 Fac - The U.N.E.

    I was bumping Fac Not Fiction and I googled these cats to find out what happened to them. I always thought this was their debut album, but according to wikipedia they had a tape out before this in 1993 called The U.N.E. I found the tracklisting for the tape on discogs and a couple songs on...
  11. DaGrimProphet

    FREE KILLA TAY!! Free @TAY CAPONE1 These are not empty threats.
  12. DaGrimProphet

    Shakespeare smoked pot...

    Was William Shakespeare high when he penned his plays? - Features - Theatre & Dance - The Independent I'm not surprised, weed was smoked by many rich people in Europe for a long time, I read somewhere that Queen Victoria smoked for medical purposes. Henry VIII even forced farmers to use a...
  13. DaGrimProphet

    Guess the rapper by the shitty drawing

    Inspired by the drawing rappers thread in the BART forum. Here's the first round. Who can guess who these guys are?
  14. DaGrimProphet

    Happy Bday

    @LiterADietCola Have a good one.
  15. DaGrimProphet

    Happy June 27

    DZeu29nOwjw That will be all. Have a good day yall, let me know how yall will be celebrating. RIP DJ Screw, Big Moe, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Big Steve, Big Mello, BG Gator, Pimp C, and all the other fallen SUC soldiers.
  16. DaGrimProphet

    New Geto Boys album announced

    I knew this shit was coming.... Geto Boys Announce "Habeas Corpus" Album | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHopDX
  17. DaGrimProphet

    Happy Bday

    @Gemini and @7-1-3 Click , have a good one brehs!
  18. DaGrimProphet

    Yall know where this guy is now?

    Obscure KC artist from the 90s called KC Smooth, dropped one tight ass album back in the day and I ain't heard of him since... anybody know him or what he doin now??
  19. DaGrimProphet

    What do yall think was brotha lynch hung's best release?

    Lotta dope albums came from him, but I gotta say my fav is this one Whst do yall think?