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  1. second650

    Games Youve Beaten Thread

    NOw recently I beat Heavy Rain and I was impressed with the game overall and its cool that there are different endings. I beat Uncharted 1 which was dope I didnt put it away till I finished it pretty much. Oblivion I finished the main campaign and the fighters guild champion right chea. I...
  2. second650

    Rip George Rios

    Found out My homeboy George Rios has been dead for 2 years. His body was found in the desert recently. RIP GEORGE RIOS & ALEJANDRO RIOS. Condolences go out to his family. I cant imagine what i'd do if my kids were gone before me. These 2 guys were as solid as they come. Alejandro was murdered...
  3. second650

    stalin young doe

    anyone feelin this diesel therapy shit? no one takin bout it....
  4. second650

    Niggaz from the siccness dont like that nigga sacsick....

    im just lettin yall know what i heard:siccness:
  5. second650

    Why is Waka flocka flame

    accepted by the bloods? How did he get a pass?
  6. second650

    rydah j klyde- slaphouse

    i seen this at rasputins but didnt cop. anybody know if this shits slappin or not. want some feedback before i buys that shit....
  7. second650

    work ticket

    i just got a speeding ticket driving the company van. now i didnt find proof of insurance on the van and the cop let it slide. he did see the van registration tho. my question is will the company find out....
  8. second650

    ap-9 & fed x "code of silence"?

    whens this droppin?
  9. second650

    fishykills check your private messages.......

  10. second650

    camera phone question

    i just got a new phone and was wonderin how i go about postin pictures on the siccness?
  11. second650

    losin weight....

    anyone know how many calories u have to burn to lose a pound??
  12. second650

    3 gunned down...

    HOME | News Email This Story Print This Story Three Gunned Down Outside Redwood City Bar POSTED: 9:59 am PDT April 15, 2006 UPDATED: 11:07 am PDT April 15, 2006 REDWOOD CITY -- Three people -- standing outside the Headquarters Bar in downtown Redwood City -- were fatally shot early Saturday...
  13. second650

    Concealed firearm charge

    Im wonderin if theres any way that for the sake of gettin a job, I can get this misdemeanor charge erased from my record. I was all hyped up because i had a good interview last week for a job and it was almost certain that i was hired. I get the call today that my criminal history is all bad...
  14. second650


    i heard tell me when to go while i was at the mall and i started ghost riding my sons baby stroller but then i couldnt keep up wit it so he fell down the electric stairs. Later that day i heard it again and i started turning tight ones at the baby gap but got kicked out cuz all the infants were...
  15. second650

    watts g's or bg knoccout question

    can any of yall hook it up wit watts gangstaz -fucked in the game & bg knocc out-datz how im living, off that old yella comp for eazy e if possible thanx.
  16. second650

    dec 2012

    Daulton's new message has nothing to do with baseballBY PAUL HAGENKnight Ridder NewspapersCLEARWATER, Fla. - Let's get this out of the way right from the start: Darren Daulton knows some people are going to think he's weird. Out there. Maybe even nuts. And that's all right. The former All-Star...
  17. second650

    bluez bros question

    i just heard that bluez bros track "take that" is he beefin wit siccmade?
  18. second650

    ap-9 & jayda

    whos this cat jayda thats supposed to do an album wit ap-9?
  19. second650

    spider loc spotted

    i just seen spider loc playin the bitch role on that new tony yayo video "curious " tony supposedly is punkin him on the video then on the second half of the video they all gettin down. spider loc is the one with the blue rag.
  20. second650

    ghetto starz....

    any body know if the ghetto starz are gonna release another album even though king is gone?