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  1. mouth_my_nuts

    Lil bean

  2. mouth_my_nuts

    Mozzy vs philthy

    How far is it gonna go
  3. mouth_my_nuts

    Roblo Dat tapes

    I came across this album on Spotify. Its all old jacka/ mob figz over roblo beats with an 80s vibe
  4. mouth_my_nuts

    Baby Gas

    Anyone like baby gas
  5. mouth_my_nuts


    Spotted on 580 in Pleasanton
  6. mouth_my_nuts

    Lil Pete big dawg shit

  7. mouth_my_nuts

    Boe Sosa & The BOE Gang

    Posting for the beat. I don't fuck with these young dudes but this lil guy not bad. Everything outta mozzys camp sounds similar to me but this beat go crazy j8Q_2b4_-xs
  8. mouth_my_nuts

    Net neutrality

    No more free inter webZ
  9. mouth_my_nuts

    Prezi do better 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    This been my anthem this summer I haven't seen it posted here. y'all need to do better. mAwyXTHUyHQ
  10. mouth_my_nuts

    Lil slugg shit changed

  11. mouth_my_nuts

    Lil Tae 12 felonies

    He's underrated I been fuckin with his music since he made that album flexin N finessin with Rydah. This is off his latest album 12 felonies Jr8L3vADFS8
  12. mouth_my_nuts

    Young lox I brought the corner back

    I been waiting forever for a new young lox album and I just seen it on Spotify yeaterday. Production on it is lacking but overall it has some dope tracks if you fuck with lox check this album out. The starz remix and the Otha side my favorite tracks. It has lil rue, street knowledge and F.A...
  13. mouth_my_nuts

    Ghandi was a racist pedophile

    How many of you knew this ?
  14. mouth_my_nuts

    7000 bodies could be buried under UMMC campus from old "lunatic asylum"

    The asylum that use to house these bodies held people for things like depression , laziness, those who read too much, political excitement. They used shock therapy and before it was an actual asylum they just chained people up in the attic. Crazy story! The article has a couple pics of the...
  15. mouth_my_nuts

    Wonderland > boogie nights

    both movies are good but from what I understand wonderland is more accurate and based on facts opposed to boogie nights being more of an exagerated Hollywood story. I recommend watching wonderland if you haven't seen it. Val Kilmer plays the porn star John Holmes and it's the story of the...
  16. mouth_my_nuts

    8 disturbing ways society is feminizing men through food and products

    8 Disturbing Ways Society is Feminizing Men Through Food And Products 8 Disturbing Ways Society is Feminizing Men Through Food And Products Apr 7, 2016 Source: A reoccurring theme in many of the food health concerns revolves around high estrogen levels. This can be harmful...
  17. mouth_my_nuts

    Fist fights

    What's the toughest fist fight you been in ? Did you win or lose ? Ever been hospitalized or hospitalized someone else ?
  18. mouth_my_nuts

    Dear Canada

    my Canadian lady friend confirmed it too so this meme is #factz #100
  19. mouth_my_nuts

    Where the term Caucasian came from ?

    Why Are White People Called Caucasian? | Mental Floss How did all these different white ethnic groups get lumped into “Caucasian?” It goes back to German anthropologist Friedrich Blumenbach. In his work in the late 1700s and early 1800s, Blumenbach divided Homo sapiens into five distinct...
  20. mouth_my_nuts

    Jewish race/ Judaism

    I always thought Judaism was only a religion. Are Jews a race and religion or just a religion ? I'm not very educated on it someone lace me up.