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    Problem – Coffee & Kush, Vol. 2 [Album Stream]

    Vol. 1 was a slapper.
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    That Free Slyde is dope as fuck!!!
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    LOYALTY BGM (out of Vallejo)

    This dude spits hella hard with some dope ass beats. Just heard about him from Daily Slaps. Yall been up on dude?
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    Mozzy – Beyond Bulletproof [Album Stream]

    Album is pretty good! Probably the best stuff Mozzy has put out in the last 3-4 years. I really didnt care for Gandland Landlord or Internal Affairs - but this one is coo. So Lonely, Body Count, The Homie wanna Know, Big Homie from the Hood - all slapp
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    Cash Money Lavish D ▪ Donald Oliver, Prince Dreda & Bank'd ENT.

    What diss song is he referring to?
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    Free A-Wax!!

    As much as I love Wax's music (not so much newer stuff) - dude is 41yrs old and is still fucking around in the streets. At what point do you fall back? Just seems like this was inevitable. Dude just wanted to stay in the streets doing street shit. Not really sure why? Now he has to deal with...
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    Shame about how ignorant people are. Shame on the media for fueling the stupidity. In July - this will all be over. Just like it was with the swine flu, SARs, etc etc etc etc etc.
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    TRUMP is dominating out there. Unemployment across all races and categories is at an all time low. Stock market and record highs. He straight bitches slapped Iran without any repercussions. He is handling China better than any other previous president. He is crushing but you know, people...
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    A-Wax Ft. Analise - Come Down [Music Video]

    THis song is dope as fuck and really has mainstream appeal. I had just skipped past it on the album. GLad they made the visual for it so I could pay more attention.
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    MBNel – Born To Win (Album)

    Stockton 209 in the building!
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    Messy Marv - DUSA

    Anyone check that Power and Money 2 w/ Bruce Banna? Lil Rue all over it.
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    Mozzy - I'll Never Tell Em Shit (Official Video)

    In my opinion - Mozzy has different style of raps. He has been using his slower flow style of raps on recent music, and I am not a fan of that style at all. Free Yatta 2, New Era New King, Bladadah, etc - those are all tracks where he uses a faster tempo style - and he typically flames the...
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    Too bad he soured the relationship with Nonstop. Wax's music hasnt been the same since Pullin Strings.
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    Dubee - So Crest Side Challenge [Video]

    Super dope. Dubee still got it! A lot better than some of these rappers who have been in the game 20+ years.
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    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    He ruined a lot of track with the repetition of "nigga". He dropped "nigga" no less than 1,000 times on 10 tracks.
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    Uzzy Marcus – 7.62’s (Official Music Video)

    Heat! I enjoyed his first project....this is a step up from that.